Lacy Hardee

Faith is like our feet. Strange I know, but faith is what puts trust and belief in Almighty God into action. Without a strong, functional faith, our witness to the world and those unsaved, who need to hear His Word so desperately, would have little or no “holy spirit horsepower,” as my pastor says.

One of the most quoted verses regarding faith is also one of the best definition for it and is Hebrews 11:1, a chapter often known as the “hall of fame of faith.” It simply states the fact that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” and there is no better definition. But there are many ways faith can be addressed, used, and exercised.

This is where the sandal hits the sand, the rubber hits the road, so to speak, when we put our faith in action, Until then, our faith is just another word, our witness is no witness at all, and we learn the scripture firsthand that states, “faith without works is dead.”

Had it not been for the many all-stars of faith chosen by God that began at the dawn of history with Abel’s sacrifice, to Enoch, Noah’s trust to build the ark in the middle of the desert, Abraham, Sarah, Moses and many others works of faith, things may would never have reached the point where we would have the joy of being bought through another sacrifice, the Blood of Jesus Christ, to live forever with our creator in the world He planned.

I always thought I had a strong faith, but over the past years, especially recently, I discovered that while I did have a measure of faith, as God promises us in His Word. But seeing the faith in action of others helped me see I had not been “exercising” mine enough to live in absolute trust and security in the arms of God.

It is a shame that I had to come to that realization during a pivotal time physically and spiritually. But it was seeing, hearing, and being the benefactor of those who trusted the Holy Spirit to guide their lives and prayers and give them strength, that I even became stronger.

I became stronger physically, but mostly spiritually, as the Holy Spirit gave me more and more strength everyday so I can share these words with you.

Age has no bearing on maturity, as we see by Jesus’ example in the temple as a child. By faith and trust in God, and the Blood He shed for us, we have power, through Him, that we have yet to use or even understand. We can do nothing alone, but through Jesus, we can do anything in accordance with His good will and plan in our life and the lives of others.

Are you ready to put your best faith forward? Jesus is ready to take the hike with you. Take the first step.


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