Lacy Hardee

Prayer is our greatest weapon against a force we could never defeat alone.

Jesus knew this, and the Father left the Holy Spirit to lead us to the answers we need.

We often read biographies of great people to learn the secrets of their lives. When you read the biographies of Jesus’ life, the gospels, you learn one of His great secrets.

Jesus modeled prayer. If He prayed, we need to pray.

If He needed time alone with God, we need time alone with God.

We need to emulate what He did.

Obviously and practically, Jesus believed that prayer works. Let me say it again, Jesus believed in prayer. Jesus knew the effectiveness and the power of prayer.

Obviously, He had an intimate relationship with the Father, like we will never know or experience. Yet, from Jesus’ example, we can still have the same motivation and desire to spend time with the Father.

We, too, need to believe in prayer. Sometimes our motivation to pray is quenched because we doubt that our prayers will work, or make any difference. The evil one chides us into believing that “Prayer doesn’t work, so why pray at all?”

We link, all too frequently, prayer requests and prayer answered, and miss the main business of prayer. That is conversation, dialogue, the building and maintaining of a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

If we reduce prayer to nothing more that asking for things, we are no different than the spoiled child that comes to the parent only to make demands.

Yet, making requests is one of the aspects of prayer. One cannot ignore or take lightly the boldness and confidence with which Jesus spoke about prayer.

Over and over again, He communicated the effectiveness of prayer in Matt. 21:22; 7:7-11, Mark 11:24 and in John 14:13-14; 15:7; 15:16; 16:23-24.

Jesus taught that prayer works. But let’s not interpret His words from a pedagogical point of view. Let’s also hear His words from a paternal point of view. Jesus encourages us to pray because God, like a father, is overjoyed to meet the needs and fill the requests of a loving and obedient child.

Obviously the positive answers to our prayers come when we are praying for His kingdom to expand, His will to be done, and His Name to be glorified.

In other words, God is most pleased and delighted to answer requests that see His family increase in size, His desires accomplished on earth, and His Name promoted among the nations.

Jesus believed and acted on the confidence that God answered His prayers. We, too, can have that same confidence once we understand the mind and heart of Jesus and then pray accordingly.

Then, when our prayers are being answered, it will only give us more confidence and boldness to pray for even greater things.

The first step to praying like Jesus is to believe in the incredible power of prayer. Do you believe in it? Give it a daily try for a week or month and watch your life and the lives of others see answers beyond what you or they would have believed.

I’m one of those people. Not due to my trust and prayers only, but also because of those around me.

Prayer for one another, share your needs, and you will soon see and feel the power of prayer each and every day.


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