Lacy Hardee

Over the short time of Aug. 1-7, one week exactly, I have learned some pretty awesome stuff about our Creator. I got a fresh perspective, just as many astrophysicists and other brilliant minds are actually admitting that God is.

Do you really think about Who God is? Honestly, I don’t think I gave the details of Who God really is much thought. Glad He led me to the daily devotions I pick up at church quarterly.

So think now. God’s Word tells us just exactly Who He is but it also takes some writer to bring out thoughts on Him we never had.

First day I learned from Psalms 46:1 that ‘God is our very present help in times of trouble.’ But without truly believing that God is a living, breathing part of our world, the best we can hope for is just dumb luck. Now you can see where the Bible says ‘a fool says in his heart there is no God.’ I had that said to me this week. Look at the skies as even ‘the heavens proclaim His glory.

Did you know that 90 percent of the world’s astronomers believe in God? The great minds have examined His work and believe that ‘God is.’

Second day led me back to the skies and the entire universe, seen and unseen, and the entire world and her inhabitants. Science cannot explain the massive expanse of craftsmanship. The evidence that God was more infinitely probable if measured by the greatest minds created is a mere infinity to one in favor that God is.

The third day, I discovered that science and scripture are not necessarily opposed. In a book on quantum physics, written by more than 60 notable scientists, it says that the amazing symmetry and expanse and changes cannot be happenstance, coincidence or even designed through evolution. Mind you, 24 of these 60 brilliant men and women are all Nobel Prize winners. So simply to believe in science is to believe in an omnipotent God that is.

Day four was a biggie. Think about our planet and the ones around us. Was it coincidence that if the earth was 10 percent larger or 10 percent smaller, life as we know it could not exist? Or the fact we are just the right distance from the sun to receive just the right amount of heat and light?

But here is the kicker - our planet is tilted on an axis at a perfect 23 degrees. Only in this position can the sun’s rays touch every part of the earth as we revolve around the sun. With no tilt on an axis, the poles would accumulate masses of ice and the center of the earth would become so hot we could not survive.

That’s how much God cares for us. God truly is. He did not intend for this planet to be empty. He created us just for it. Does God love us or what?

On day five I gave my surfing days thought. Think about what the moon does for us. Without it, it would be impossible for us to live on Earth. The moon acts like powerful maid cleaning up our oceans and our shores. Because of the tides and blessed waves, our oceans aerate, like a giant fish tank, providing oxygen for plankton, for the sea creatures to survive, and us, for without it there would be no oxygen, only nitrogen.

He made the moon the right size, placed the right distance from earth to create the perfect atmosphere of 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. Despite our constantly releasing carbon monoxide into the air, the ocean absorbs just the right amount for us to survive. If our atmosphere was not as thick as it is, our planet would be crushed and barraged by billions of cosmic debris.

God takes care of us. He is on the job 24/7 because He is.

The sixth day was a lesson in nitrogen mentioned earlier. Nitrogen is necessary for all plant life for its miraculous effects on the soil where we stand, receive food and helps animals survive. But how does it get there? I was blown away when I learned that it comes by way of lightning, extracting it from the air and into the soil. I’m so glad God is.

The final day was another eye-opener, especially when it’s something we use daily and often take for granted. Did you know that in the universe, this massive universe, Earth is the only planet to have water? Water in abundance. To date none has been discovered anywhere else.

We take it for granted but water is an amazing solvent. As ice, it breaks up rocks, tills the soil, As snow it stores up in the valleys. As rain it waters and cleanses the Earth. Even as vapor water provide moisture for most of our arable land. Add the cloud cover of moisture in the clouds in just the right amount. As steam, it has run some of most powerful machinery in the world.

But the most amazing fact was that water is the only liquid heavier at 4 degrees Celsius than it is at freezing.

Therefore, when frozen, it is lighter and it rises. If it did not, our lakes and rivers would freeze from the bottom up, killing every fish. Algae would die, the oxygen supply would cease and ultimately mankind would cease to exist.

So when you feel like God doesn’t notice you, or care, think about this. Drink a glass of water and say, “I know God is.” Thank You Lord!


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J Peter

Nicely done, Mr. Hardee. I encourage you to continue your walk by searching "Christian Apologetics" that will add many, many, more similar facts that support God's existence as proven empirically by science. I have an extensive PowerPoint available that covers some you did not mention from cosmology, evolution (biology), historicity and divinity of Jesus Christ and why The Holy Bible is reliable and a very accurate
representation of what happened 2000+ years ago. Anyone interested may message me and I will gladly send you the links.
One of my favorites is the next to impossible odds that evolution is the random chance “solid science supported” explanation for how sentient human life began on our privileged planet. Mathematicians state that anything with the odds of 1 in 10^50 is impossible. The odds that life began from inanimate matter in a pre-biotic soup, a.k.a. Abiogenesisas calculated by science? 1 in 10^1,000,000 or a 10 with 1 million zeroes after it! Not sure about you but I will take those odds betting everything I have owned or ever will own given those chances. The mainstream media and our Public schools still march to this event as the only “truth” Sad state of affairs indeed.

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