Lacy Hardee

I am saddened, though not to tears or the need of therapy, over the reaction by supposedly educated college students to the presidential election.

To make matters even worse were the violent, unnecessary and yes, I will say it, ‘unAmerican’ protests by perhaps, the parents of some of those traumatized college students.

Do not hear me saying that Americans do not have right to protest. We all have the right to “peaceful assembly,” but not to third-world riots and destruction of private property, loss of lives, and many injured in the name not getting your way.

Sorry, but I would feel the same way no matter who became our next potus.

Some college administrators thought about setting up special crying rooms, like preschool cozy places offering coloring and Play-Doh for college students suffering greatly over the results of the election.

Professional counseling was provided for many traumatized so-called adults. Safe zones were set up, as if was compared to the life and death situation of human sex trafficking and drug addiction. People, puh-lease.

I know this may not be popular with some, but if you call yourself an American, then suck it up Buttercup.

We are still the greatest nation in the world and if you don’t believe it, move some place else and find out. Every nation has its positive and negative sides, but overall, America is still the best place to live, no matter who is the president.

According to Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning, one college even rented a pony to help get these kids through this trying time. Some colleges canceled classes last week after Trump was elected president. One professor from a New Haven college made midterms "optional" after Trump's win.

This happened at Yale University, which is an Ivy League institution. Check out this tweet which is causing jaws to drop across the nation.

“BREAKING: Yale Econ 115 professor makes midterm exam optional after students write in expressing shock about presidential election.”

In that tweet, sent to all his students, the professor decided to make exam optional and calculate each student’s grade both with and without the exam, adding maximum scores on final exam to be used as the final curve.

So feel free to decide which way you feel is best for you.

This is not pre-school. This is real life in college and part of growing up. The only crying that should be normal is the stress of being away from home, maintaining a needed GPA and dealing with making the right decisions on your own.

And for the rest of us, be adult examples and don’t whine or complain over it. No matter who is in office, somebody isn’t going to get his or her way.

We have a way. It’s called the American way. Back it up or pack it up. It’s your choice because this is America.


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