Lacy Hardee

Often we hear words “today sure went by fast” or wow, times just flew by today.” Fact is we are all given the same amount of time to use to the best of our abilities every day. Some of us are great planners and managers of time and then there are those, such as myself, deemed to be procrastinators and battle with completing tasks the way we wish we could. Here again is another reason we all need Jesus.

Have you ever been to a NASCAR race or any race, from go-carts, dirt bikes to Indy cars? As with any sport there are always those behind the scenes providing information, direction and a safety for the driver. One such person, or team member known as a spotter, alerts the driver of debris, accidents, which side (high or low) to take through a smoke-filled turn as a car spins out of control and a number of other incidents or information vital for not only the driver’s safety but for his better chance of taking the lead and winning the race.

Are we trusting Jesus to be our spotter in life or are we just driving wide open through life without any guidance at all? A good bet would be that most of us are driving blind until we get into a situation we just can’t see our way through. Sure, we pray every day, have our quiet times and spend time with our Savior but we spend a good amount of that “fast time” during the day not looking to our crew leader, our “spotter”, and one who keeps us safe but trusting in our own knowledge to see us through the day.

Life is a race. Paul knew this. His fellow disciples knew this. Hebrews 12 shares that we must strip off all the weight that slows us down. It allows us to run with endurance the race God has set before us. In the race of life we only get one race to run.

Looking back can only slow us down or take our eyes off the path, causing us to stumble. The weight of worry and burdens slow us down as we try to move forward towards our goal of winning the race set before us.

Time is the most valauable resource we have and we waste it trying to put out old fires that our Father will help exstingish on His own if we only ask. Travel light, ditch our fears, and leave them to our loving Father and press on to the finish line. Grab the checkered flag of eternity and drive on.

Be Blessed!


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