Lacy Hardee

The early chapters of Genesis depict in detail just how you and I, along with every other living thing,

were created by an almighty God to share fellowship with Him. It was a simple act, which most of us take for granted daily, that put all the world and our lives into action. A simple breath, but one that fills us with the power to do anything God asks of us, and the courage to carry it out.

“Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being,” in Gen. 2:7, is just one of many verses in God’s Word that speaks of the power of the breath of God. They speak about how the miracle of life, old and new, can be maintained or restored to carry us on to the journey that God set before us even before we drew our first breath.

Once His breath entered our lungs, God’s Holy Spirit entered our hearts and simply waited for our faith and spiritual life to grow and give us the maturity to trust in Him and the gifts He gives us as believers. Those gifts are free of charge, by the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ for us to share and use to further His kingdom and bring others into a new life in Jesus Christ.

It was that same miracle breath, a deep, cool, cleansing breath, which has touched my life again in a powerful way.

There have been many times in my life when the power of prayer by others and the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit has, without a doubt, changed my situation from doing it my way to doing it His way. Those times range from premature birth and the loss of a twin brother, to freedom from drug and alcohol addiction, to carrying my load of health concerns from heart disease and severe breathing problems which led to this week’s column.

For several years, well over 20, I have grown spiritually, often without knowing, with the power of the Holy Spirit and the fervent prayers of friends, family, and the Body of Christ that fills our local churches.

I trust in the words of God more everyday, and know that is the root of all my daily growth in Jesus Christ.

It was in that trust and faith that I called upon some of my brothers and sisters in Christ to visit me in the hospital in January to lay their hands on me, pray for me that a healing, in God’s will, be done in my life.

It was during the prayer concerning my lungs and breathing issues related to my COPD that I first began to feel a coolness on my lips. That same cool, fresh air followed as I began to inhale. It became so pronounced, I began to recognize it as the air continued to fill my lungs much more deeply than I have been able to experience for several years.

As my prayer warriors continued, so did the deep breathing of cool, crisp air deep into my lungs. As we closed out in the prayer, many could see my lungs as they moved in and out and could not wait to share my experience of the Holy Spirit in room 204 and how, through their prayers, I saw, yet again, that God is still working, the Holy Spirit was in all of us and in that room, just for me.

Turning everything over to God and trusting Him for the outcome, no matter what, will always be very hard, thanks to our human condition. Even harder when we are given choices that do not appeal to what we want to do.

A message from a pastor friend said my healing would be a progressive healing, and not just be an overnight victory. It would be a time to share Jesus Christ with others, especially to help in some way to reach others that of His love, mercy, grace and all the gifts available to those who follow Him.

I’m ready, willing and able to share my story, to pray for and with you and help you learn more about Jesus. He is all that matters. He died for you and me to give us a chance at real life. He lives today deep inside your heart.

Take a breath. He gave it to you for free. So just breathe. God loves you.


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