Lacy Hardee

Loris is my hometown and your hometown.

Maybe you and your family have lived here for generations, or maybe less. Maybe you have decided to make Loris your new home, like so many have done. Maybe you don’t even live here anymore, but love to know what changes are taking place. But mostly, you want to know about your hometown family and friends.

No matter how or when you became part of our community, you want to know about our local events and the accomplishments of your neighbors, friends, and families. We all desire to be aware of changes around us that may affect our lives. Often times, even in our small community, we are caught unaware of an event, change, or the tragic loss of an old friend. We often never learn of those who do selfless acts or who work to make someone else’s life a little easier.

Can anything be done so that this doesn’t happen? I am aware that we live hectic and sometimes exhausting daily lives. But we all know what a relief it is when someone lends us a hand. It speeds up the process and creates a bond between those involved.

As most people know, I am a big believer in the team concept. It is that concept which I feel is needed to make our hometown newspaper the place to look for those things that mean most to us - our children, our schools, our churches, and the businesses that make our community one in which we choose to live.

The concept of teamwork revolves around a group of individuals working as one to accomplish a common goal. In the true spirit of teamwork, seemingly impossible tasks can be overcome.

With that said, I challenge all our readers to team up with our staff and let us help put into the Loris Scene what is most important to you and your neighbors. If you have a soldier, a special child, an unsung hero living next door, or know of someone who has overcome tremendous odds, let us know.

Community and school events can be covered and well attended if we know about them two weeks in advance. Any input you have will also be appreciated and welcome.

I can be reached by e-mail at, or on my cell, 843-957-2545. Our ad department and editor Annette Norris can still be reached at 843-756-1447. Please call or e-mail me with your needs or ideas on how we can make the Loris Scene truly your hometown newspaper.


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