Betty Moses

When I came to work yesterday, I was the first one to arrive at the office, but I was not alone.

I was met at the front door by a large white dog that was trembling with fright.

I approached it carefully, but could tell it meant no harm and it needed reassurance that I meant no harm either.

Luckily, the sweet dog had wandered to a newspaper office, and within a short time the owner was notified that her dog had made its way to our door. She was weeping in relief when she came to retrieve her companion.

The whole episode reminded me of how much companionship I had experienced in my past from the love I gave and received in turn from my various pets, especially dogs.

As for the cats, I firmly believe they are more on the receiving end of love than on the giving end, but I have enjoyed them anyway.

The reason I’m thinking about dogs and cats and other pets is because in the not-too-distant future I will probably be living alone again.

As friends and family know, my son Jeff has popped the question to his girlfriend Tracy, she said yes and a wedding is in the future.

Jeff has lived with me since my dad died in 2008 — almost 13 years.

A lot of things have happened during those 13 years. We have shared good times and bad times, joyful times and sorrowful times, but mostly the normal activities of everyday living.

After my knees started acting up, Jeff took over grocery shopping, carrying trash to the dumpster and making sure my little Kia Soul looks its best.

After I had a stairlift installed on my outside steps so I could get into my house, my sweet son on rainy days now holds an umbrella over my head as my seat slowly descends to the bottom of the steps, all the while receiving a soaking on his own back.

No one but a son would do that for me.

I will miss Jeff badly, but I’m so happy for him to begin an new chapter in his life with the woman he loves.

But now I have a dilemma. Once Jeff moves out, do I replace him with a roommate, a dog or a cat?

My first thought would be to rent his rooms to a suitable person, but there is always the problem that first appearances are not reliable, and serving an eviction notice is not a pleasant thing to experience.

So maybe a dog would be my best bet for companionship, especially if I can train it to bring me a bottle of water before I go to bed.

Jeff was the true cat person at our house, so I’m not wanting to ingratiate myself with another feline creature that can do great damage when annoyed.

Of course I’m only kidding. Nothing or no one can replace my son after he marries and moves into his own house. I will be forever grateful for the companionship and devotion he has given me.

Thanks to DoorDash, Instacart and Amazon, nearly all my wishes can be fulfilled in a day or two by the push of a few buttons on my iPad, but I will miss our arguments over politics and the way we challenge ourselves to see who can answer the most Jeopardy questions — it’s a tie.

As for who’s gonna cover my head when it rains and I’m on my stairlift, I’m sure someone has invented a detachable umbrella, and I’ll find it on Amazon.


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