Larry Deeds

­ It’s been said that God created the world and rested; God created man and rested; then God created woman and neither God nor man has rested since.

As Mother’s Day approaches, my mind naturally goes back to my mother who died of cancer in 1997 and to my mother-in-law, who at age 93 is busy planting her garden back home in West Virginia. I also remember fondly all of the many women who have had a positive impact on my life.

All of my schoolteachers in elementary school were women as were most of my high school and college teachers. The majority of Sunday school teachers, youth leaders and vacation Bible school workers in my youth were also women. And as a young man beginning to serve the Lord and preach His word, I received so much support, especially from the ladies of the church.

My grandmothers were loving and supportive. My mother, though hampered most of her life by a serious heart condition, was always so strong and godly and such a cheerleader for my brother and me. And my mother-in-law raised and gave me my greatest earthly gift.

I’ve been fortunate to have godly sisters-in-law and sweet, wonderful nieces. And aunts were often motherly.

Any man who has done anything worth lasting, if he’s honest, will say he did so because of the love and support of a woman or the women in his life. I readily admit, without that great God-given gift — my wife — my life would be empty and I would have achieved nothing of value in this world.

In my opinion, God’s perfect creation was done with the utmost of His wisdom and grace. Each part, from the sun, moon and stars to the smallest plants and animals were created with precision and in perfect order. And His most wonderful creation, humans, Adam and Eve, were fashioned in His own image in a fascinating order.

Adam was created first. This gave him time to understand and know the world and God’s nature. And it gave him time to see the relationship in the animal kingdom and his aloneness on earth. But God’s greatest creation, woman, wasn’t delayed. She came at just the right time.

God brought Eve to Adam, and as Pastor Tony Evans explains it, Adam called her “WOW-man.” She was the most beautiful, amazing thing he’d ever seen. But besides all that, she was created to complete Adam and to complete God’s plan for this earth, the human family.

God created them, male and female and brought one of each together to form a family and to achieve that prime directive, to bring forth Godly offspring.

Men and women are not the same nor interchangeable. They are relational and only working with each other as God planned.

Men and women are not biologically the same and cannot be made the same. Men and women are not wired the same, emotionally, mentally, or psychologically. Men and women were created to have different roles in the home, the church and in the world. That in no way implies neither superiority nor inferiority; they are equally important in God’s world today and to God’s heart.

And that’s the greatness of God’s creation; that variety and diversity created strength and gives man and woman the ability, under God, to live and work together in that indissoluble bond called marriage. And let’s be very sure, that when people or culture deviate from or change God’s plan, things will not work right.

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, the many women in my life: family, teachers and neighbors were strong, tender, loving women and many were godly. They were not perfect, but they were content with God’s plan and their role in it. They were not burning bras or marching; they were raising families, working, caring for others and living for the Lord and making the America that some long for today.

So today on Mother’s Day, let me shout out to all mothers, to all women who will one day be mothers and to all women who, for whatever reason, are not and will not be mothers. Your worth is inestimable. God loves you and we love you too. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.” Proverbs 31:30-31

“‘Twas in the days of careless youth, when life was fair and bright, and ne’er a tear, and scarce a fear o’ercast my day and night; as, in the quiet eventide, I passed her kneeling there, that just on word, my name, I heard my name in mother’s prayer.

“I thought but little of it then, tho’ reverence touched my heart; to her whose love sought from above for me the better part; but when life’s sterner battles came with many a subtle snare, oft that one word, in thought I heard my name in mother’s prayer.

“I wandered on, and heeded not, God’s oft repeated call to turn from sin, to live for Him, and trust to Him my all; but when at last, convinced of sin, I sank in deep despair, my hope awoke, when memory spoke my name in mother’s prayer.

“That pleading heart, that soul so tried, has gone into her rest; but still with me for aye shall be the memory of her trust. And when I cross the Jordan’s tide, and meet her over there, we’ll praise the Lord, who blessed that word, my name in mother’s prayer.” (Peter P. Bilhorn, 1896)


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