Betty Moses

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was a beautiful hit by singer Roberta Flack.

Recently I caught a different version of it on Facebook sung by Luke Evans — one of those Facebook magic moments.

It was so beautiful I could almost cry, and I did.

I find it much easier to shed tears in my old age — both happy and sad tears — and most of them are brought on by music.

This time I cried because I thought what if the words were changed to say “the last time” instead of “the first time.” Remembering the people who are no longer in my life made me sad, but the thoughts of what we had shared brought a smile with the tears.

I was sad to think I would never see my friend Judy again and would never again have a chance to share anymore adventures with her.

But I smiled to myself because if I were a little younger and had more time, I could probably write a book about the escapades of two queen-sized ladies who, during our middle ages, enjoyed two lives well spent.

And I miss my friend Kathy who moved to Florida this year. We worked together off and on for more than 20 years, and we shared many long nights working until the wee hours of the morning putting newspapers to bed.

We shared giggles and we shared tears as life worked its ways upon us.

God willing, and the CDC saying I can travel again after receiving my second COVID vaccination, I will head for Orlando and see her face again and share our stories of what our lives have been this past year.

Most of all, I pray that one more trip to the mountains of North Carolina is in my future and that my cousin Jennie and I can sing together again (even though my voice is gone), and we can share memories of the near perfect childhood we enjoyed together during the years my parents and I lived in a little house just down the road from her family’s home.

If bad things happened during those years, I have completely forgotten about them. Only good memories remain of two little girls playing in the woods for hours on end.

When I’m with Jennie, in spite of my 85 years, that little girl that I once was is a part of me again, and I want to remember her too. Just one more time, I hope …


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