Betty Moses

I’m becoming worried about an object that I own that I keep near me day and night in spite of the fact that it’s beginning to spook me out.

I already know it has a big hold on me. The weekly report I receive concerning the average time spent daily on the device assures me that I’m indeed captive to this little lavender-colored iPhone.

I just recently upgraded to an 11 model, and I haven’t yet learned all its tricks.

I do know that it has a mind of its own, and is capable of making decisions for me.

How do I know this?

Last night, my son Jeff sent me a message before he was ready to clock out of work for the night.

It went like this:

Jeff: “I’m gonna pick up something to eat on the way home. Do you want something?”

My phone: “I’m sure do.”

I barely had time to read Jeff’s message before my phone made the decision for me. My fingers were nowhere near the buttons.

Actually, I was going to reply “No thanks” as I had eaten dinner rather late and, believe it or not, was not hungry.

Then there’s the eye recognition.

I don’t mean facial recognition. Evidently my phone doesn’t like my face because it refuses to install it as a means of turning the phone one. Also, it does not accept my fingerprint.

But it certainly seems to use eye recognition.

Last Saturday as I was on my phone preparing my Publix grocery order for delivery, I scrolled through pages of the InstaCart app, trying to complete my grocery list.

I landed on an ice cream page, where my eye was caught by a Mayfield Bear Tracks icon among many different brands and flavors of the frozen delight. My eyes lingered a bit on the Bear Tracks as it’s one of my favorite ice creams, but I put temptation behind me and went to the veggie pages.

Suddenly, a full page photo of Mayfield Bear Tracks ice cream popped up on my screen.

I quickly closed the app and stared at my phone.

It had to have read my mind or recorded the longer look I gave the ice cream.

I’ve never ordered Bear Tracks ice cream from Publix so it couldn’t pop up like some items I order regularly occasionally do.

So, either my phone is haunted, or there’s a chip inside that can read my mind, which is even scarier.

When Siri starts talking to herself, I’m going to swear off Apple and get a flip phone.


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