Betty Moses

Yesterday, the UPS man left a box on my front porch — the result of my latest online Amazon shopping.

I ripped open the box when I came home, eager to see my purchase.

It was black with tiny pink flowers all over it and a black tassel was hanging from the top. The bottom had a scallop-type pattern with six slightly rounded edges. It was about two and a half feet long, and I thought it was quite lovely.

I couldn’t wait to try it out — notice I said “try it out,” not “try it on.”

This cute black and pink object I was so happy to receive was a new walking stick or cane with a six-pronged rest on the bottom that make the implement much safer from slipping, and, best of all, it can stand alone when I need to use both hands.

Another advantage is that I won’t have to bend under the table to retrieve it when I dine out in restaurants. That can certainly put a dent in one’s dignity.

Bending is not a graceful movement when the knees fail to cooperate.

Think about it.

My pleasure with this new purchase made me think about how much my shopping has changed during the past 10 or 12 years.

I have fond memories of a shoe-shopping spree I shared with my daughter. It was Dillard’s huge annual shoe sale — paradise for someone who loved shoes, which I did then and still do.

I came home with five pairs of shoes for less than $100 and a pair of black cowboy boots. I was in shopper ecstasy.

Ten years ago, my co-workers and I would be spending a lot of time trying to find the right outfits for the two or three formal events we attended each year.

I still have the pair of plum-colored needle-nosed heels I wore to the last affair I attended. A jeweled bow adorned the toe of these shoes and I felt like a queen in the outfit that matched the shoes to perfection.

The outfit is long gone, but I hang on to these gorgeous shoes as a souvenir of the days when beauty came before comfort.

These days, instead of high heels, I tend to gravitate toward Birkenstocks when it comes to purchasing shoes. Those fitted cork soles seem to add a little spring to the feet that sometimes seem to be anchored to the ground.

My major purchases during the past year have been a new loveseat with recliners on both ends and a spare compact rollator (a seat on wheels) to keep in my car — one that easily folds into a smaller space than my original one that I use at home.

Nowadays, it’s all about comfort and convenience instead of style and adornment.

But if I’m gonna walk with a cane, you’d better believe it’s going to be a pretty one.


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