Betty Moses

This granny is learning a whole new set of words everyday as this pandemic keeps everyone close to home, and we are missing our interaction with the rest of the world.

Zoom and TikTok are two new forms of communication that I have only heard about in the last few months.

Maybe, just maybe, I can try to explain how I think Zoom works.

For example, if you have been watching “The Ellen Show” lately, and you happen to be listening but not watching, from the sound of the usual screams that accompany her entrance on the stage and the sound of applause, you expect to see an audience of happy faces when you look up from whatever you’re doing.

Not so.

You are looking at an auditorium filled with multiple TV screens, each filled with the face of an Ellen fan.

That’s Zoom.

And it’s strange. Stitch, Ellen’s dancing DJ sidekick, even dances up the aisle between the TVs.

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent TV commercial of the guy who is virtually conferencing with his co-workers at home, dressed in appropriate business attire — from the waist up. A little slip up and it’s evident he didn’t include trousers when he prepped for the meeting.

There’s a Zoom meeting taking place every Tuesday morning in our office, but I can assure you everyone is properly dressed.

And if you have a green screen at home — doesn’t everyone? — you can actually choose a background, which is all the more the reason why seeing is not necessarily believing.

That’s Zoom too.

Then there is TikTok, a video-sharing social network created in China.

This network is extremely popular for those who are seeking a few seconds of fame through singing, dancing or standup comedy.

Anyone can be a star for a little while.

Back in the day when I thought could still sing, I would have had a ball with TikTok.

Of course this app is well built for challenges. Remember the ice bucket challenge or the lip sync challenges between law enforcement a year or two ago?

I spent a lot of time watching these delightful episodes on Facebook. It was very entertaining to watch law officers decked out in all their weaponry break out in moves like Bruno Mars.

The current challenges through TikTok vary from drop the towel and others I can’t tell about in the newspaper to moving like Shakira, which would leave me seeking a chiropractor should I accept the challenge.

The ones I love involve a mother or father lying down beside a child that is involved in watching TV and laying their head in the child’s lap.

The responses of the children are delightful as they sometimes pat their parents’ faces with their sweet little hands or place gentle kisses on their faces.

It’s heartwarming to see the loving surprise on the little faces.

I, for one,  would like to see a challenge in a grocery store. I’ve always wanted to burst out in song and dance as I roll my buggy down the aisles. Now I could do it and blame it on TikTok.

I also have an urge to try one of the dancing challenges with my son Jeff and see if he bursts out a move to match mine.

I’m sure he would be happy to join me on the floor — NOT.

I would probably find myself on a fast track to a retirement home.

I’ve probably confused you with my description of today’s social media.

All I can say is that I welcome anything that can give me a smile during 2020.

That’s the real challenge.


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