Betty Moses

If you drive past my house early in the morning — about 7:30 a.m. that is — and again at 6 p.m. or a little later, a strange sight will grab your attention.

Actually, I have seen drivers and passengers do a double take at the sight. It’s a fluffy lady with a purse and a walking cane in her hands slowly ascending to the top of a set of seven wooden steps.

What catches their attention is the fact that this lady is seated in some sort of chair and she has a seat belt fitted around her waist to keep her from falling as this strange seat does a slow glide to the top of the steps.

Then this lady spins around, unsnaps her seat belt, stands and then coolly enters the house.

Two weeks earlier, the sight would have been quite different.

You would have seen this same woman leaning on a cane as she slowly came near the same set of steps, obviously expressing dread of the climb with her body language.

You watched as she struggled to climb from one step to the other. As she reached the last two steps, a man standing on the porch took her arm and bodily assisted her as she conquered the final distance with a frown on her face and teeth that were clenched.

What you don’t know is that this clearly unhappy woman was experiencing a grinding of knee bones with each step that almost brought her to tears.

This lady is yours truly and I’m happy to tell you that this strange contraption now carrying me to the top of my steps is a life changer for me – definitely one for the better.

This new event occurred because I am now the proud owner of an Acorn.

No, I didn’t have to fight a squirrel for possession of my Acorn. What I did have to do was sign a contract and a check and in about two hours a rail was attached to my steps and a yellow fold- up seat sat on this rail and my life was changed.

The Acorn came into my life by way of the IRS, believe it or not.

After receiving my W-2 form, I decided to do my taxes and get them out of the way.

My eyes lit up as the amount of the refunds from federal and state taxes began accumulating on my computer screen. I whooped with joy when I realized that I could afford to do something about those steps that gave me such woe.

I immediately began planning. Everyday without having to climb the steps was a gift to me

After researching chairlifts versus ramps, a chairlift stood out as being the simplest and easiest thing I could get, and it won hands down against building a ramp with all the city restrictions that would be involved.

Naturally, I jumped on Google that night and began my research.

From all I could discover, Acorn seemed to be top of the line and that’s what I wanted.

Thanks to my searches on Google, I was contacted by a salesperson from Acorn. In a couple of days he was at my door, I signed a contract and a few days later it only took a couple of hours and I was the owner of a brand new outside chairlift.

That was about two weeks ago, and I am an extremely happy woman.

Eliminating the stress and pain I experienced when struggling up my steps also considerably reduced the pain that normally accompanies me in this, my golden years.

So, thank you, Lord, thank you, Turbo Tax and thank you, Acorn, for the ride of my life.


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