Betty Moses

A few day ago, I received a confirmation in my email.

At 6 p.m. on Feb. 10, I have an appointment to receive my first vaccination against the COVID-19 virus.

I went through a lot of confusion navigating the route that led to an actual date and time being set and confirmed.

And because of the steps I went through and the forms I filled in, I’m going to make a very late new year’s resolution.

I hereby swear to everyone around me, and especially to my readers, that, as of last night, I’m going to return to my old friend — Dr. Atkins.

That’s Dr. Robert C. Atkins, the original promoter of the Atkins diet plan.

Over the past years, I have probably lost more than 200 pounds on this diet — 20 or 30 pounds at a time. Of course, I eventually gained it back or I wouldn’t being using it again at my age.

Why, you might ask, does getting a vaccination for the virus have anything to do with going on a diet?

Here’s what happened.

After I made the correct connection in seeking an appointment for the shot, in my email I received a form to fill in online.

The form requested all the pertinent information such as address, phone numbers and then came the list of pre-existing conditions.

I swiftly scanned through the list, ready to check “None of the above” at the end of the list.

One thing on the list caught my eye — “severe obesity.”

I spent some thought on this. I know I fit into the obesity category, but the “severe” was a little too harsh. Actually, I have always preferred the term “fluffy.”

My friend Judy and I used to call ourselves the fluffy sisters.

After a brief consideration, I thought, “Nope,” and checked “None of the above” on the form.

Afterward, this preyed on my mind. Was I telling a lie? Would it come back to haunt me?

I decided to step on the scales and prove to myself that “severe” should not be connected to my weight.

The fact that I immediately pulled my Dr. Atkins book off the bookshelf should let you know what the numbers said, but I’m not telling. Only thing I will say is that it was a rude awakening of the worst kind.

Now I have two weeks to drop enough pounds so that the nice lady or gentleman who administers my COVID-19 vaccine will not decide to punish me with a very painful shot for lying on my information sheet.

The truth can hurt — and it did — but not half as bad as a needle in the hands of an aggravated nurse.


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