Betty Moses

For an 83-year-old lady, I’ve been having a strange urge — I want to get my ears pierced again.

Yes, my ears are already pierced, and I never leave the house without something silver hanging from them or in them. But this is a single piercing on each ear.

Once upon a time there were five holes in my ears, three on the left side and two on the right. In my jewelry box are several sets of studs that I once wore in the three openings. I have silver and white gold studs, along with pretend-diamond studs and Swarovski crystals in many brilliant colors.

I don’t remember when or why I became more sedate in the accessories that I wore, but I stopped wearing the extra studs and eventually the holes sealed over partially. I still have tiny openings where they were, but I can’t insert an earring in them.

I can’t begin to tell you why I am now bent on having my ears pierced again. There’s no good reason why an old lady who wears grandma jeans and Birkenstock sandals should wish to add more glam to her life, but I have a strong desire to add more ornaments to my ears and that’s how it is.My hair is white and my back is becoming stooped, but that doesn’t stop me from loving pretty jewelry, particularly silver and turquoise.

I have gained a little control where jewelry is concerned. I’ve stopped dialing QVC’s number during the wee hours of the morning,

Of course Belk’s sales jewelry shown on FaceBook has tempted me into purchasing a pair of earrings now and then.

But no fresh purchases are necessary for these new piercings. My old studs are waiting in my jewelry box ready to shine again.

Like the glamorous silver-haired Mae Musk in the Cover Girl commercial for Simply Ageless foundation, I wonder, “At what age do you just stop caring?”

I know I haven’t yet reached that age.

You may not realize this by looking at me, but in my mind my ideal self would have long flowing hair and that the ‘boho’ (bohemian/hippie) style of dressing would be smy preferred style were I not quite as fluffy as I am.

Long ago, my mother let me know in no uncertain terms that long hair and long dresses did absolutely nothing for me, so I never unleashed the gypsy within me.

Now I’m old enough to dress and wear my hair anyway I wish. If I look a litle ridiculous, so be it.

On second thought, I’ll stick to extra ear piercings. Mama was probably right about the long hair and dresses, but maybe in my 90s I’ll go ‘boho.’


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