Betty Moses

Lately, my life has reminded me of years ago in the Smoky Mountains when my friends and I would go swimming in the frigid water that flows along rocky-bottomed creeks .

I was not a brave soul that would plunge right into that bone-chilling torrent without hesitation.

No, I was one of those timid girls who waded in and then, inch by inch, walked deeper into the water, shivering and teeth chattering until my shoulders were under water.

After I would  make that agonizing descent, I actually felt invigorated and ready to enjoy it.

I have been reminded of that experience as I make a slow return to life it as I knew it before a pandemic changed everything.

It has been almost three weeks since I received my second vaccination against COVID-19, and I’m now beginning to feel that some sense of normality may be returning to my life.

During the past week, I dined out, not once but twice, I went shopping live and in person in Walgreens to stock up on makeup and hair products, I got a much needed haircut and, best of all, I was allowed a half-hour visit with my son Stevie at his healthcare facility.

Of course we had to practice social distancing but that didn’t stop us from throwing kisses to one another.

I’m told that in the not-too distant future hugging will once again be allowed.

Maybe when — and if — hugging comes back in style, hopefully the release of all this pent-up affection we have been forced to stifle will cause us all to be a little sweeter and a little more forgiving of each other.

I hope so because I plan for my next adventure to be a shopping trip to Costco. I recently renewed my card and I’m eager to jump in the seat of an electric shopping cart and see if I can outrun my son Jeff as we make our way around the store.

If you haven’t been the one driving a buggy, you may not realize that some people have a tendency to cast displeasing eyes upon anyone maneuvering their way around the store with a push of a button, especially if the one doing the driving is a bit plump.

With the increase of age and the immobility that can go along with it, these same people might someday be as eager as I am to find their own cart.

I know that, so I just smile when I get a side-eye.

I also hope road rage will cease to be as common. As an elderly lady driving my little Kia Soul back and forth to work, once in a while I might be a little guilty of staying in the left lane a bit longer than I should.

Hopefully obscene gestures will cease to be as frequent and nasty looks will be replaced by slight frowns. Of course they will be.

I believe in the power of hugs.


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