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We were in Massachusetts this past week to help my sister move into her new apartment. She has accumulated a lot of stuff, so we were trying to weed out stuff before we moved her. She had a stroke several years ago and needs to live in a place where she doesn’t have to drive a car, so she found a place with everything within walking distance. We all worked together to get things done. I was also visiting my mom, who is 95 years old, and celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary. 

Everyone should have received a newsletter from the HOA about some of the issues in Covington Lake.

There was a request to not mow the last 10 feet of lawn around the lakes. The reason is that the ponds are slowly eroding. The pond expert said that if you let the grass grow there and just mow it once a year, the deep roots will keep the soil from eroding. The last 10 feet is HOA common land, so this is what the board would like done. It also might keep the ducks, geese and swans off your lawns as they don’t like to walk through tall grass. If we can keep the ponds from eroding, we won’t have to dredge the ponds in the near future. The cost to dredge the ponds is around $250,000 because besides dredging, you have to dispose of the contaminated soil that you scoop out. 

I know there is concern about the landscaping in the front of Covington Lake. As I have stated many times, the board is waiting until the work on Carolina Forest Boulevard is done to do any repairs as the sprinklers also need to be repaired. Everyone’s entrance on the boulevard is destroyed at this point as drainage work is still going on along with sidewalks and black topping of off streets. 

The pool is now open with no COVID-19 restrictions, but remember that no breakables are allowed in the pool area. If glass gets broken, the whole pool has to be emptied to make sure there is no glass in the pool. Please take your trash home with you.

We have lots of new neighbors this past year. I hope we can start welcoming them to Covington Lake. 

The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library received a huge donation of new books from the Book Warehouse in North Myrtle Beach when they went out of business. I thought it was going to be around 100 boxes, but now I have a garage full with 400-plus boxes. Thank you to neighbors (Clinky Forbes, Juliet and Stan Lotts, and The Tomlins) for helping me to unload the box truck. So now the library has lots of new children’s books for 25 and 50 cents each along with new DVDs, CDs and audio books for sale with more books to follow.

The Friends of Carolina Forest Library’s bag of books sale will be Aug. 18 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. You pay for a paper bag compliments of Publix for $5 and can fill it with any books or audio materials. 

The volunteers of Beautify Carolina Forest have been busy with median mowing and maintaining. I hear that several other communities are thinking of adopting some of the remaining medians. They are working through Howard Forman, who did the Plantation Lakes medians. They are really beautiful with the crape myrtle flowering. 

Don’t forget the National Night Out gathering at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center parking lot on Aug. 3 from 7-9 pm. Great way to meet and honor our first responders. 

All the traffic lights along Carolina Forest Boulevard are now working. It will take awhile to figure out the timing of those lights. The Marketplace at the Mill on the corner of Carolina Forest Boulevard and River Oaks Drive is clearing the woods for that shopping plaza with Publix as the anchor store. 

All community issues should be sent to Waccamaw Management at infor@ Look forward to hearing the events and news of the neighborhood.

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