Carole VanSickler (New)

Waterford held its annual meeting on April 19. Elections were held to choose board members George Serey (three-year term), Carole vanSickler (three-year term) and Cookie Manos (two-year term). The new board of directors is Cookie Manos (president), George Serey (vice president), Steve Williams (secretary) and Carole vanSickler (treasurer). John Gurley has resigned from the BOD, so one seat is open for director-at-large at this time. The tax resolution passed. There was also a Q&A session of homeowner concerns. Volunteers are also being asked to join committees. I'll have more information as more details are released. There have been changes to the tree removal policy, ARB guidelines and the guide to property inspections. Please go to TownSq for more info.

The events committee is trying to set up more fun activities. If you have ideas and can help out, please contact Holly at

The next meeting of the Waterford Book Club will be May 20 at the new Cypress Grill on River Oaks Drive. This is a small group of ladies sharing good company, supporting local businesses and discussing books chosen by the members. The book for May is "Code of Honor" by Tom Clancy. The June book is "The Favorite Sister" by Jessica Knell. For more details, please contact Elizabeth at

There is a new community group in the process of being formed. It is called CF Middle of the Road. Howard Forman (Plantation Lakes) said this group has been formed to take care of medians by their entranceway and Waterbridge. They are looking to hire subcontractors to mow the medians as required by Horry County but will be looking for donations, etc. as a nonprofit. For more information, contact Forman, the group's president, at or call 215-630-8913. There's also a website:

The widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard is still scheduled for July 2021. The date may change due to weather delays but it will be great to have the future medians being landscaped and maintained along the roadway. Updates on the widening and other Ride III programs are on the Horry County website ( Scroll down to the RIDE III dashboard on the right side of the page.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Ginny Griffiths. Please send me birthday, anniversary and special event info for inclusion in future columns.

The Carolina Forest Civic Association’s next meeting is May 19 at 7 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. CFCA business members are encouraged to attend and tell us about your business. Membership forms for the CFCA are on the website ( Questions or concerns may be addressed on the website or by email to the board at This is our community, get involved.

Your Waterford Plantation Board of Directors continues to address issues throughout the community. Results of the 2021 annual meeting will be updated in a future column. Recent BOD meeting minutes and financials have been updated to TownSq. If you see something, say something. Contact Waccamaw Management (843-903-9551), which is manned 24/7/365 for emergency issues. Standard homeowner inquiries for items such as pool passes, waivers or payments will be addressed during normal business hours. All concerns will remain confidential. Updates on activities, policies and forms (modifications or committee volunteering forms) are available on the TownSq application. Please also advise Waccamaw Management of any changes in telephone or email contact information for emergency purposes. If you do not use the TownSq application or have internet, please ask a neighbor to give you copies of updates.

We welcome those new to the neighborhood and invite you to share items of interest to


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