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There are no updates from the Waterford Plantation board of directors or social committees.

The 6th annual spring neighborhood food drive is Saturday, April 4 to support Churches Assisting People Food Bank in Conway and Catholic Charities.

Waterford Plantation has stepped up to support this local charitable drive. It’s easy, just place a bag of food products and personal items by your mail box by 9 a.m. that morning and a volunteer will pick it up.

If you know of other neighborhoods not participating or others who wish to donate, just bring these items to the parking lot at Kroger near the gas pumps at 10:30 a.m.

Other participating neighborhoods include Plantation Lakes, Waterbridge, The Farm, Ridge Lake at Burning Ridge, Clear Pond, Covington Lake, Covington Lake East, The Reserve at Walker Woods and Berkshire Forest.

Food needs include 1-pound bags of rice, instant grits in the 10-single-pack box, jelly in a plastic tube, small cans or vinyl tuna packages, boxed mac ‘n cheese, pork & beans, boxed cereal, 1-pound bags of dry beans or peas and small packages of dry milk.

Personal item needs include tooth brushes and toothpaste, soap bars, can openers, shampoo and conditioner, paper towels, sic-packs of toilet paper, small bottles of laundry detergent, 4,5 and 6-month-old’s’ Pampers, razors, and shaving cream.

Contact Elwin Miles at 843-222-5974 or

Reminder: The next Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center.

The speaker will be David Schwerd, director of Horry County Planning & Zoning discussing how that department reviews applications for new developments and businesses, rezoning, and more.

There will also be updates on the Ride III Program.

The Civic Association is your voice in these unincorporated areas… it is our vision for a better tomorrow by involving every HOA board of directors and our residents, not only in our community, but at the polls. We must continue to tell those elected that the issues of this continually-growing community need to be addressed and funded.

This includes the extension of Gardner Lacy Road to International Drive and an interchange at S.C. 31 and Revolutionary Drive, plus more police, fire, and EMS services and more.

There are political seats up for election in November. This is our opportunity to get support for the needs of Carolina Forest. We will need everyone to get out and vote.

Membership forms for the CFCA are on the website,

HOA boards of directors are asked to forward details on your leasing costs of light Poles and fixtures to the CFCA for the Santee Cooper volunteer committee. This strong group of volunteers has started discussions with Santee Cooper about future pole costs and more, which affect each HOA in our community.

Get your board of directors to forward details to address future costs.

There have also been updates to the website, please check it out.

Questions or concerns may be addressed on the website or by email to This is our community, get involved.

Residents and homeowners of Waterford are always welcome to send notices of birthdays, anniversary and other special events to the Waterford and Beyond Column’s email address for inclusion in future columns. Please resend information as lists are quite outdated.

Your Waterford Plantation board of directors continues to address issues throughout the community.

Please send messages via the Waterford Plantation website,, directly to Beth Kane, our property manager at, or Debor Alexander at

We welcome those new to the neighborhood. So, this is a week in our community, step up and get involved. is my email address.


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