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Our neighbors, Joan and Irving Bierman, just returned from two weeks on safari in Africa visiting Kenya and Tanzania at this time.  They said it was an absolutely incredible journey. 

 Waterford is looking forward to the fall community yard sales on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.  If you would like to participate, tie a balloon to your mailbox and add a sign out at your street leading shoppers to your home.  There are no plans for maps. 

 The Mama Cass Spay/Neuter Ladies Volunteer Group will also have their fall festival the same day, offering plants and handcrafted items for your holiday gifts and it’s a great cause.  All monies earned from these volunteer activities are used to fund the spay/neuter program which helps to reduce the feral cat population.  This is a positive action for our community. Please support these volunteers. 

 The social committee is looking for volunteers to run events.  Join them on Saturday, Oct, 12 from 3-5 p.m. at the pool for hot chocolate and s’mores to sign up.  If you cannot attend and want to volunteer, contact the social committee per the website at SocialCommittee@ Natalie Bankowski is the BOD liaison for this committee. 

Our neighbor Jackie Miles is organizing a team named Custom Shirt Zone for the Making Strides Walk on Oct. 19 for the American Cancer Society.  The link is .  There is a donation of $35 each to American Cancer Society.  If you want to join her or make a donation, please contact her direct at  

 A big thank you goes out to those who donated for the fall food drive supporting CAPS (Churches Assisting People) and Catholic Charities.  Jackie and Elwin Miles reported a great turnout for our neighbors in need. 

Thank you too for those volunteering to pick up and load the bags. 

Mark your calendars for the spring food drive on April 4. 

 Mark your calendar to attend the Oct.16 meeting of the Carolina Forest Civic Association, and if you are not a current member, download the membership form and join today at

Please join us to hear  Ashley Cowen of the Horry County Planning and Zoning and Paul McCulloch, the Parks & Recreation Dept. director and member of the Parks & Open Spaces Board of Horry County discussing the roles and responsibilities of the Parks & Open Space board as well as updating us all on the current and upcoming projects going on in Carolina Forest. 

Questions were raised during the June 2019 meeting on the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard, about our green spaces and plans to expand our recreational programs.  The meeting starts with a brief business mMeeting at 6 p.m. at the HCPR Carolina Forest Recreation Center. 

It’s almost time to turn the clocks back—Sunday, Nov. 3.  As a safety precaution, when the clocks are changed, it should also be time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.  Do you know how old your smoke detectors are?  Smoke detectors have expiration dates of 10 years for the best safety performance.  I had the originals in my home, do you?  If you cannot swap out the batteries or the smoke detectors, Horry County Fire Rescue will come out and swap batteries and/or smoke detectors.  The resident must have previously purchased the 9v batteries or the new smoke detectors and have them available when Fire Rescue comes to your residence.  If you are not sure what type of detectors you have, they will come by and pull one down and then return when you have purchased the new ones.  It is important to make sure the adapters are the same for snap in/snap out replacement.  Have questions? Contact HC Fire Rescue at 843-915-5190 or horry

 Residents and homeowners of Waterford are always welcomed to send notices of birthdays, anniversary and other special events to the Waterford and Beyond column’s email address for inclusion in future columns.  Please resend me your information as my lists are quite outdated. 

Your Waterford Plantation board of directors continues to address issues throughout the community.Please send messages via the Waterford Plantation website, direct to Beth Kane,our property manager at or Debor Alexander at Waccamaw Management.  

If you see something, say something at Waterford, the first email or call should be to Waccamaw Management Company at 843-903-9551 for emergency issues only . 

Standard homeowner inquiries such as payments, pool passes, etc., will be addressed during normal business hours Monday through Friday. 

All concerns will remain confidential and addressed as necessary.  Please forward a copy of your inquiry via email to the BOD.  Updates on activities within the community, governing documents, policies, forms and more are available for homeowner access at no charge.  Waccamaw Management needs to be advised of changes in phone numbers, email addresses, etc. as they are important to contact you in case of emergency. Please share this info with your Waterford neighbors and friends and encourage them to sign up on the websitefor future updates. 

If you are not on the internet, please ask a neighbor or friend to give you copies of updates. We welcome those new to the neighborhood.

So, this is a week in Waterford. 

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