Carole VanSickler (New)

­Volunteers came together to decorate the front entrance and amenity center for Waterford Plantation. The board of directors appreciates all who came forward for the community.  A date will be posted after the first of the year for another event to take it all down and store for the future. 

There are no social events planned at the moment.  The social committee is asking for volunteers to set up future lunches or other events.  Contact them at SocialCommittee@

The Waterford Plantation board of directors has established new policies on pine straw and delinquencies.  Please go to the website for current information.  If you are unsure how to establish your website access, contact Waccamaw Management. 

The Carolina Forest Recreation Center held its annual tree lighting on Monday, Dec. 9.  There was a large crowd enjoying the tree lighting, the Christmas message presented by Pastor Ben Zahn of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and a wonderful performance by the future stars of the Carolina Forest Performing Arts Academy.  

These students will be our future artists in dance, I can’t wait to see them in their upcoming performances in our community.  Keep an eye out for future performances at

There were raffles, hot chocolate and cookies galore.  Food was donated by Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Carolina Forest Civic Association, Sweet Frogs of Carolina Forest, Addy’s Harbor Dodge and Long Island Deli & Catering. 

Please thank them as you visit these businesses, it is wonderful to be involved in our community.   

There was also a new opportunity this year with eight vendors offering Christmas shopping during the event.  Thank you to Just Beachy, G&J Bling Bling, Wire Sculpting by Diane, Color Street, Sara Jane Designs, Rustic Designs, Muddy Water Designs, and Seasonal Designs by Marlene. 

This may be considered for a future Spring Eggstranavanzga…. We have an amazing staff at both our recreation center and our Carolina Forest Library.

Check both facilities out and enjoy what is being offered to us all. 

The Carolina Forest Civic Association will not meet in December. 

The board of directors met after the November annual meeting and elected new officers:  president, Carole vanSickler; vice president, Greg Schwartz; secretary, Shawn Sines; treasurer, Norm Fay; directors at large, Michael Ritchie two years; Peter Strother two years; and Herman “Woody” Wood, one year.

Congratulations to all. 

The Civic Association is your voice in these unincorporated areas…  it is our vision for a better tomorrow by each and every HOA and resident to become involved and tell those elected we need to be heard and have the issues addressed of this continually growing community. 

Membership forms are on the website,

HOA boards of directors are asked to forward details on leasing costs of light poles and fixtures to the CFCA for the Santee Cooper volunteer committee. 

This strong group of volunteers has started discussions with Santee Cooper about future pole costs and more which affect each HOA in our community. 

Get your BOD to forward details to the to address future costs.  There have also been updates to the website. Please check them out. 

Questions or concerns may be addressed on the website or by email the

This is our community, get involved. 

Residents and homeowners of Waterford are always welcomed to send notices of birthdays, anniversary and other special events to the Waterford and Beyond Column’s email address for inclusion in future columns.  Please resend information as lists are quite outdated.

We welcome those new to the neighborhood.  So, this is a week in our community, step up and get involved. is my email address.


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