Ray Delano

Well, June is gone and here comes July.

Walkers Woods held its annual Fourth of July BBQ with hot dogs, soda, and chips for all. Mister Softee was also available with ice cream for the kids and adults.

This year, the parade for the kids was cancelled due to the heat, but may be back next year.

There was a good crowd of people on hand to finish up the hot dogs and soda. There also was a 50/50 drawing held with a prize of $37 going to the lucky winner. The board thanks the event committee for putting on this annual event.

We have had a lot of rain lately, and it was definitely needed with the long dry spell we had. Thankfully there was no damage done from the winds this time.

The event committee has a Go-getters lunch scheduled for July 19, but a restaurant has not been selected yet. An email will be sent out with the selection. The board recently sent out an email about our documents being revised and posted to the website. Please make sure you go to the website and read the documents that were amended.

With the Fourth of July event over, the event committee is now looking ahead to planning for the end-of-summer event in September. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see at this event, contact the event committee and let them know. Just a reminder: the last bingo was held in June and will start back up in September.

Things are slow here in Walkers Woods, and with the heat of summer, we remind everyone to drink a lot of water.

The work on Carolina Forest Boulevard is moving right along at a quick pace. They started near Avalon clearing the trees, and now they are just about to The Farm’s first entrance.

Again, we remind everyone to slow down and be alert for people working on the road.

We also remind all residents to take a few minutes and sign up on our website, www.walkerwoodsPOA.com, which is the way the board puts out information on what’s happening in our community.

If you have changed your email address, let Waccamaw Management know.

If you would like me to mention an event you are having, contact me at delanort@hotmail.com.


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