Ray Delano

Well, all seems quiet here at Walkers Woods. School is out now, so the board reminds all residents to be careful driving and watch for the kids playing outside. The speed limit inside Walkers Woods is 15 mph.

The event committee held its June meeting on Monday, June 1.

These are the events for June:

The exercise class at the pool has started and will be held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Bring a noodle if you have one.

The committee held its first happy hour at the amenity center and had a good group of people attend. From the looks of the pictures, everyone had a good time.

The Go-Getters will have their monthly lunch at the Pine Lakes Country Club on Friday, June 21. Meet at the amenity center at noon.

Bingo will be June 27 at the amenity center, and this will be the last one till September.

We also see that construction on Carolina Forest Boulevard should start around June 17, according to the county.

The contractor has 700 days to complete the project. Some work will be done in the daytime, but most of it will be done between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Having worked in construction some many years ago in North Carolina, I encourage everyone to be patient and careful of the people doing the work, and slow down when we see them out there.

With the pool open and the warm weather, everyone is reminded to read the rules and close the umbrellas when you leave.

Security is now seven days a week, and the guard will come on duty at 2 p.m. The pool closes at 10 p.m. and if you are in the pool area you must leave at this time. No one is allowed inside after 10 p.m. The gate will lock and even if you have a card, you will not be able to open the gate.

If this happens, you will have to call Waccamaw Management to have someone come out and open the gate. This could cause you to be fined.

It has also been noted that some residents are coming to the pool early and leaving their towels on tables and then leaving and coming back later. According to our pool rules, this is not allowed.

You cannot reserve a table at the pool. It is not fair to other residents who may want a table.

Also here is a heads-up - Walkers Woods will hold its annual 4th of July celebration this year at noon. More information will be sent out in an email and on our website for this event.

Once again, we remind residents to take a few minutes and sign up on our website, www.walkerwoodsPOA.com. This is the way the board puts out information on what’s happening in our community.

If you have changed your email address, let Waccamaw Management know.

If you would like me to mention an event you are having, contact me at delanort@hotmail.com.


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