Ray Delano

Well, June is almost gone and here comes July.

The event committee wants everyone to know that our annual Fourth of July celebration will be held at the amenity center at noon on July 4. So, come on out and celebrate our country’s birthday and enjoy the pool, some hot dogs and soda. There will be a 50/50 drawing, and all residents of Walkers Woods are welcome to attend.

The board met in executive session on June 12, and there was a re-organization meeting held since all board members were present.

The result of the re-organization is the president is Noreen Ciborski; vice-president is Janice Krol; treasurer is Warren Miller; secretary is Barbara Fillwock; and director-at-large is Ray Davis. We wish all good luck in their new positions, and thank you for your service to our community.

The board reminds residents that all nine dead palm trees have been replaced on Quinn and Heartwood roads. The board is still waiting for a response from the Reserve at Walkers Woods about replacing their sign in the Walkers Woods right- of-way on Tuckahoe Road, and their plans for compensation to Walkers Woods for the upkeep of the Tuckahoe entrance.

The board is also working on getting some bids on the repair of raised and cracked sidewalks, and the blacktop on the walkway around pond #4 on West Walkerton.

They are still waiting for a proposal from Aggi’s Landscaping for the removal of the volleyball court sand, and grading and replacement sod.

I was talking with Ray Davis this week, and he said they have reached an agreement with Palmetto Brush Control for the cutting of the firebreak, and work should begin soon.

We had some big storms the last couple of days, and thankfully not much damage was done to property.

This is a good time to remind everyone that we are into hurricane season, so check our website for our hurricane preparedness and evacuation routes.

Also, go to the Horry County website for more information on being prepared. We noticed that work has begun on Carolina Forest Boulevard, so let’s all slow down and be alert for those working out there.

The event committee reminds residents of events for the rest of June and July: On June 27, the last bingo was scheduled to be held at the amenity center. Bingo will start back up in September.

The exercise classes at the pool are still on for Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

Go-getters lunch will be July 19. Meet at the amenity center at noon. No restaurant has been chosen yet, but an email will be sent out to all residents.

Once again, we remind all residents to take a few minutes and sign up on our website, www.walkerwoodsPOA.com. This is the way the board puts out information on what’s happening in our community.

If you have changed your email address, let Waccamaw Management know.

If you would like me to mention an event you are having, contact me at delanort@hotmail.com.


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