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Many homeowners received an email from Town Sq and wondered what it was. Waccamaw Management sent it out too early, before owners were informed of the new site. This site is for all properties managed by Waccamaw Management Company.

If the management company did not have your email address, you may not have been informed. I do not know if they sent letters to those with no email address. For that reason, I will repeat what was in the email from Waccamaw.

The email stated:

They were very happy to announce the launch of Town Sq. It is a new all-in-one mobile app designed to help you connect, collaborate and stay up-to-date with your association any time on any device.

Your account is already set up and ready to use and you will start to receive messages and announcements from your board members and management team right away.

When you receive the email, you click on it and set up your password. Once you log in you will be able to set your communication preferences, communicate with your management team, manage your account and pay on line, get up-to-date news alerts, request and review status of service inquiries, and more.

Keep in mind The Farm will still have our owners’ website,, and the activity website on Facebook.

Susan and I attended the happy hour at Doesn’t Matter. More than 50 residents attended, and a good time was had by all.

Thanks to the activity committee and Debra Shovlin for setting this up.

Watch for news of the next off-site happy hour.

Susan and I, and some friends, also attended the Valentine’s Day Sip and Paint. This was my first time and I will admit, I enjoyed it.

My wife has been going to Wine and Design for years so she had more experience than I had. The class did a two-part picture, each partner did one side. You had to hope both sides lined up when complete. Ours came close. Dave Koss was the instructor and has many years of experience teaching art.

Give it a try if you haven’t already.

Forty-four members of our committees were on hand for a dinner at T-Bones Restaurant on 21st Avenue and U.S. 17. This was a ‘thank you dinner’ for all The Farm volunteers who spend countless hours helping our community with activities, grounds, Neighborhood Watch, and the Architectural Review Board.

These are the residents who keep The Farm the best place to live in Carolina Forest.

The chili contest is scheduled for Saturday, March 7 from noon to 2 p.m.

There are limited spots available.

Contact Connie Gryb at 773-544-3454 or email More contestants are needed, or the event may be canceled.

I attended last year’s contest and found some great and different recipes for chili.

As you can see, we had a busy couple of weeks here in The Farm.

I was unable to attend the Civic Association meeting. What was reported to me sounded very promising. Four new traffic lights have been added to the Carolina Forest Boulevard road project.

If my math is correct, that will bring a total of eight lights. Two we already have plus two being added with the original plans, and four more. This will definitely help some communities with making the left-hand turn while exiting their communities.

Let’s hope that the lights are synchronized properly.

The only thought I have on the project is the addition of a second walk way. I hope it gets used more use than the Aynor Overpass. I personally think $3 million could have been used for other road work. Just my opinion.

You should be receiving your proxy letter from the management company. It is important you return the proxy so we can obtain a quorum for our annual meeting.

At this time, there are three seats open on the board.

Once again, I am running and another incumbent, Debra Shovlin, is also on the ballot. We ask for your support.

I will announce the full ballot when all the applications are submitted.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to ronaldtagliabue@gmail .com.

Till next time.


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