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The largest group of residents showed up for bingo night last Saturday. Sixty-five residents came out and enjoyed the evening and the gifts awarded to the winners.

Event coordinator Connie Gryb stated, “We are very happy that this continues to be a very successful event for all ages. I would like to take a moment to say ‘thanks’ to Debra Shovlin, Dave Koss, Edwina Hansley, Stephen and Marlene Filak, Wes and Connie Dennis, and Tyler Gryb for helping set up, clean up, and making this a success.

“We were very happy to see a few new community members join, and we welcome you to the neighborhood.

“We are able to continue bingo with the help from the community and all the generous donations.”

Book club will meet on Friday, Feb. 14 at 10:30 a.m. in the amenity center to discuss the book written by Paula Hawkins, “The Girl on the Train.”

With an election year coming up, the board reminds all residents about signage. Per our architectural standards for The Farm, signs are limited to two signs and limited in size to 18 X 24 inches.

Signs are to be placed no earlier than 30 days before the election, run off, primary or referendum and must be removed by two days after the event.

A couple of items from our management company:

Our landscaper will be addressing the problem with the fire ant mounds. He has started treating all the mounds.

Santee Cooper should be out to change the light bulbs that have been reported to them. They also apologized for the delay and promised this will be resolved.

Reminders from our activity committee: Valentine's Day Sip and Paint will be on Saturday, Feb. 15. Contact Dave Koss at 703-398-2526.

Poker night, Feb. 22. Contact Christina Stanley at 432-322-3263.

The off-site happy hour will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at It Doesn’t Matter. Contact Debra Shovlin at 607-240-9845.

OK, gripe time. I took my annual pilgrimage to New Jersey over the holidays. You all know this is not one of my favorite things to do. The traffic was bad so I decided to use the new HOV lanes that have been added in a few states.

My complaint is Virginia. I noticed the sign said $30. I didn’t believe they could charge that much. Guess again. I finally got my EZ Pass statement, and it wasn’t $30, it was $42.85.

Being one who doesn't believe signs, I stupidly took the HOV lane on the way home. That was a much cheaper - $32.20. So, to use approximately a 25-mile stretch of Virginia’s highway both ways cost me $75.05.

I decided to Google the cost and found some interesting points. They are allowed to raise the price depending on volume of traffic or accidents on the roadway.

They can change these prices whenever they feel the need to.

I found this on WUSA9 News website.

Here is some of the information I discovered: According to the Public Private Transportation Act of 1995, the Department of Transportation can allow private entities to develop and operate roadways.

In 2012, Virginia Department of Transportation tapped Transurban, a toll road management team headquartered in Australia, to oversee the project. The agreement allows Transurban to impose congestion pricing, which may include dynamic tolling with potential toll rate changes at frequent intervals.

They follow the rules of supply and demand. Ridiculous!

So be aware, and make sure you look at the entrance signs when entering the HOV lanes in Virginia.

There is some backlash from the residents of Virginia, but so far nothing has been done. Just one more reason for me to hate going to New Jersey.

By the way, the total cost of tolls up and back was $129.64.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to ronaldtagliabue@

Till next time.


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