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Hello, it’s great to be back. My last column was on March 27. I’m going to start this column with some thoughts I had written down on March 29, not knowing if or when I would be writing this column again:

Today is March 29 and I do not know when or if this will be published. We were just informed by the management of the Chronicle that the community writers will be on a hiatus for a few weeks.

This past week, The Farm’s HOA board made some major decisions to try to keep the residents of The Farm safe as possible. We first closed the amenity center and the gym. We had the center and the gym sanitized.

A few days later, after seeing large groups of people using our basketball courts, many of them not residents of The Farm, the police were called to disperse the group. At this point the decision to take the hoops down was made. Thanks to Paul Hoppes and the grounds committee, this was accomplished.

All activity committee functions have been canceled at this time.

The following week, a scaled-down version of the annual meeting was held. Only essential personnel were allowed to attend. In keeping with the governor’s recommendations to keep gatherings to 10 persons or less, the board did the following: The four members of the nominating committee, who did the vote count, and one representative from Waccamaw Management, met in the amenity center. The board and the candidates met in the sales center. Some chose to attend via telephone.

The results of the election are: Debra Shovlin 258; Ron Tagliabue 243; Gregg Markey 236; and Janine Interdonati 113. A few write-in votes, but no one received more than nine votes.

The second half of the meeting will be conducted when social gatherings are permitted. At that meeting, committee reports and other issues will be conducted. As of now, no date has been set for the second half of the meeting.

The pool was due to open on April 1 but was postponed.

Fast forward, the decision to open the pool was made using the guidelines set by DHEC. It was opened on June 8 with a two-tier session. It would be open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., closed for an hour to sanitize, then open from 3-7 p.m.

All the time, there were two guards on duty. One to make sure only residents came to the pool and to keep the count under 85 at any one time.

The second guard was used to walk around the pool constantly sanitizing the ladders, door handles and rest rooms. This was a large added expense, and after counting the residents’ usage of the pool, it was decided to close the pool for the season the day after Labor Day.

Too many things to write about in one column, so I will touch on the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question you would like answered, send me an email.

The main question I would hear is, “What is going to happen with the sales center?” The board and DR Horton came to an agreement and DR Horton deeded the sales center to The Farm.

Horton had two choices — they could deed it to us, if we wanted it, or they would have had to remove it and clean up the area. This turned into a win-win situation. The board had an engineer do an inspection of the sales center to decide if it was structurally sound. The report came back good.

A deal was brokered that Horton would do some renovations and minor repairs to the building. They removed the center wall and made necessary repairs to the flooring. This made for one large room with six offices, two restrooms, and a small kitchen.

The grounds committee and activity committee were each given a room for their supplies, one room for the chairs, etc., one room for our paper records.

The grounds committee painted the inside of the building. Thanks to Paul Hoppes, Jerry Bouchet, George Karaganeas, and John Schulgen.

The board added security with cameras and a key entry system for the building. It has been decided to use this building for the activity events such as chair yoga and other exercise classes. It will also be used for meetings, and party rentals. We will no longer use the amenity center for party rentals.

The sales office is now known as the activity center. This building will be locked at all times. The committee chairpersons have the keys and will open it for the events as needed.

One more important item: There have been many complaints about our entrances looking terrible. We all agree and we have finally come up with a solution.

Many thanks to Brian and Heather Pugsley for their time and effort in coming up with a plan. They went to a local nursery with a layout of the area and a budget.

The board has agreed, and the work on the Wheatfield entrance should be starting shortly.

If all goes well, we will use similar shrubbery for the other two entrances after the road work has been completed on Carolina Forest Boulevard.

I really hope and pray our readers were not stricken by this virus.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands often.

Susan and I have ventured out to a few restaurants and for needed supplies.

Other than that, we have stayed home.

We are all praying for an end to this pandemic. God bless us all.


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