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It has been a busy week for the committees in The Farm. It started on Monday with a HOA board meeting, Tuesday with the grounds committee meeting, and it finished off on Wednesday with the activity committee meeting.

First I'll report on the board meeting. The meeting was held on Monday, Oct. 7.

A broken street sign was reported at the corner of Wheatfield Drive and Carolina Farms Boulevard.

New Christmas decorations have been delivered. The board is looking into having electric installed by the Brookberry entrance for holiday decorations.

The grounds committee held its meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Chairman Paul Hoppes reported The Farm grounds are in good shape. Members of the committee gave their reports.

The bus sheds have so far been clear of any graffiti.

The roof at the amenity center has been repaired, and they are awaiting prices for the repair of two treadmills.

A complete report was given by Brian Pugsley on the condition of our ponds and more fish have been added to a select few ponds.

The grounds committee will assist the activity committee with the set-up of the fall festival.

The next meeting of the grounds committee will be on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 4 p.m.

The activity committee held its meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 9. They discussed previous activities that were held during the last few weeks. I have reported on those in past columns.

Chairlady Christina Stanley started to set the calendar of events for 2020. There will be a Sip and Paint in January. February there will be a Valentine’s Sip and Paint, poker night, and a happy hour.

March will see a chili contest, and a vendor craft show with food trucks on site. April will have an Easter egg hunt, and a community yard sale.

May, a Kentucky Derby social and pig roast, and a craft day. June, aqua fitness will begin, and there will be a family pool day with food trucks.

July, Sip and Paint.

Nothing at this time is scheduled for August.

September will include a flu clinic, community yard sale, bingo, and a happy hour. October will have a vendor craft show with food trucks, community yard sale, bingo, and a happy hour. Also, a flu clinic and the fall festival.

November includes Art in the Dark and a Veterans Day social.

December is Toys for Tots, NFL football game day, Christmas parade.

These are all planned for next year, watch my column, the blasts, or The Farm website for dates and times.

Next activity meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Some new events are in the planning stages. They include a self-defense class, CPR class, clubhouse happy hour, taco night and casserole night.

A scavenger hunt at Broadway is being looked into, and so are a children’s scavenger hunt at the clubhouse, and game nights.

Don't forget this year. The premier event of the year, The Farm’s Fall Festival and Halloween Parade is Saturday, Oct. 26 starting at 2 p.m.

The Toys for Tots have delivered their box for the collecting of toys. It is in the clubhouse. Please do not gift wrap the toys as they have to be able to sort the gifts by age.

Golf results: First place went to the team of George Bleicher, Ed Whitaker, Paul Sapienza, and Jim Snierenga coming in at 6 under par.

Second place was the team of Jerry O'Dell, Barry Goslin, Gene Burras, and Vincent Gyrb coming in at 5 under par.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to

Till next time.


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