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On Tuesday, May 14, a fire completely destroyed the home and possessions of Robert and Melanie Nicotra and their daughters Chloe and Ella. Residents of The Farm and Ocean Bay Elementary School came out to help this family. The following is a letter sent out by the Nicotra family:

“On Tuesday May 14, a fire destroyed our home and all our possessions. We will forever remember that day, not only because of our loss, but because of your love, support, donations and the kind words we have received on a daily basis.

“Help has come from friends, neighbors, and families in the Farm that we had never met. Some have turned their garages into collection locations and storage units for us. “Families at Ocean Bay Elementary School have sent home everything from toys to toothpaste with our daughters. The leadership and teachers from OBE have come to visit with items needed and gift cards for food and clothing.

and hugged more of you in the past week than in our entire lives.

“There have been key individuals at both the Farm and OBE school who immediately jumped into action, brought organization and cohesion in getting immediate needed items and special items for our daughters.

“These people contact us on a daily basis and ask, what do you need today, what will you need tomorrow.

“Thank you all for coming into our lives and for making us a part of yours. We are absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for your help in our time of need.

“Thank You.”

I know Christina Stanley and her activity committee immediately jumped in to help this family. The Farm residents who want to donate clothing, gift cards, everyday items may drop them off at 4634 Planters Row Way.

The activity committee had a busy week.

Besides helping the fire victims, they also held a happy hour at the Sneaky Beagle on Wednesday night. Forty-seven residents attended and enjoyed the food and meeting with their neighbors.

Friday Night in The Farm was also a success with over 70 residents attending and enjoying the food from Garden Dogs and Mr. Softee. Some residents stayed to enjoy cards and board games while others stayed outside to play corn hole.

Saturday afternoon, 17 residents came together to make patriotic wreaths. Everyone left with their own wreath to hang at home for the upcoming Memorial Day celebration.

The committee wishes everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for family pool night on June 8 from 6 – 10 p.m.

The book club will meet on Friday, June 14 at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the book, “All the Missing Girls” by Megan Miranda. This will be the last meeting until Sept. 13.

Since the start of the club, 74 books have been read and discussed.

A big thank you to Judy Bleicher, the resident who started the club all those years ago.

The grounds committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 14. It was reported the board has OK'd the purchase of a new elliptical machine and also renewed the maintenance contract for all the workout equipment.

The first of four cuttings of the areas around our ponds has been completed. Over 8,000 feet of vinyl fencing needs to be cleaned. Our maintenance man has started this process. Bids were received for the installation of a new fountain at the entrance of Powder Mill Drive.

A new doggie station has been installed on Powder Mill Drive. There has been a request for another doggie station on Scarecrow Way. This will be looked into.

A new handicapped-equipped swing has been installed in the playground. Thanks to committee chairman Paul Hoppes and his committee for all the jobs they do around The Farm to save money for the community.

Golf Winners: first place was the team of Jerry O'Dell, George Karageanas, Brian Pugsley, and Kerry Sraley coming in at 6 under par.

Also coming in at 6 under par and taking second place was Mike McMahon, Lowell Marquette, John Kearsley and Paul Hoppes.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to Till next time.


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