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We all got lucky with Hurricane Dorian. The Farm in Carolina Forest fared well with little to no damage from the wind and rain.

We cannot say the same for our sister Farm in Brunswick County. They had a tornado rip the roofs off some of the homes.

I want to mention the work that goes into keeping our community safe.

As soon as the HOA board and our management company become aware there is a threat of a hurricane, the wheels start churning.

First the board instructs the management company to call all our vendors and have them on standby.

The first thing we do is inspect the culverts to see they are clear of any obstructions that could slow the movement of water leaving The Farm. Our ponds are all tied together, and there are two ways the water leaves The Farm.

One way is out through the BelleGrove community and then across International Drive through Blackmore and into the Intracoastal Waterway.

The second is out through Mill Street across Carolina Forest Boulevard, and this also empties into the Intracoastal Waterway.

A few years ago, we had some flooding around the circle. This was caused by a backup from the BelleGrove community, due to the undersized piping across International Drive.

This problem was solved by the county when the road work on International Drive was completed and larger drainage pipes were installed. Our landscaper and pond company, along with our grounds committee, check out our ponds.

Next are the pool people who make sure our pools are prepared for the hurricane and all the furniture is secured.

Another step, which is being done all year, is the removal of dead trees and broken limbs. The grounds committee as well as homeowners bring these to the attention of the board and management company, and they are removed as quickly as possible.

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work being done to ensure the safety of our community.

A blast was sent out to the homeowners stating that the board and management company have assessed the property, and initial inspections indicate no major damage.

We have observed that the most common area of work is the clean-up of debris from trees and landscaping.

All appropriate vendors have been notified and these items will be addressed as soon as possible.

A message from the Neighborhood Watch Chairman Gregg Markey states, “Now that the pools’ summer hours are over for the year, we all need to go back to making sure that the amenity center, gym, basketball court, and both pools are cleared and closed by 10 p.m.”

It is really ironic that my missed column from two weeks ago was all about hurricane preparedness. Because we are still in hurricane season, I will once again send it out for next week’s column.

Susan and I thank all of you who wished us a happy 40th anniversary. We went to New Jersey and rented a room in a restaurant and invited 36 of our relatives and friends to join us for dinner.

We had 10 of our grandchildren there. That’s the most we have ever had together at one time since moving to South Carolina.

Six relatives from South Carolina were scheduled to fly up for the dinner. They had the flight scheduled, a trip to New York City planned, our anniversary dinner, a car, and hotel all set up.

The day they were due to leave, there was a storm in New Jersey shutting the major airports. They were not able to reschedule for at least two days, which means the dinner would have been over by then. That was the only down side to our trip.

Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why we are even invited to an anniversary?

All the gifts received are for the wives. I have to sit there and smile as my wife opens gifts such as a vase, picture, or other household items of no interest to me at all.

We also have to buy the little woman a gift. Each year you are supposed to increase the value of the gift to show your love and appreciation.

We get a card and a kiss on the cheek. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to

Till next time.


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