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Our annual meeting is scheduled for March 30. Only candidates, board members, Waccamaw Management personnel, and members of the nominating committee will be allowed. You should be receiving a packet from Wacammaw Management with the names and resumes of the four candidates running for the board of directors. Please make sure to fill it out and send it back. A quorum is needed for this to be an official meeting. If no quorum is met, a second meeting will be held the following week.

I want to start by saying I have great faith in Grand Strand Medical Center. I have had more than my share of operations and have always received the best care possible. I want to talk about our experience with receiving the COVID-19 shots. Back in January, we signed onto every portal we could find. We received emails from most of them asking us to fill out forms. After doing that, we received another email from the Vaccine Administration Management system setting a date of Jan. 27 for our first shot at Grand Strand Medical Center. All was very organized and all went well. On the tables was a sign that read next shot Feb. 13. We thought that was our return date. When we looked, we saw that date was a Saturday. When we inquired about it, we were told they do not give shots on Saturday. So we went back to the VAM portal and tried to set a second shot date only to be told there were no dates available. We decided to take a ride over to the medical center on Feb. 15. They took us in and we got the second shot without an appointment. It seems the website we originally signed up with was not the same site to make appointments for the second shot. If you are having trouble scheduling your second shot, this is the website you should go to. This is only if you are signed up through VAM. https:// Good luck.  

As a member of the zipper club — those of us who have had open heart surgery — I found an article about women and heart attacks very informative. This is a recap of that article. Women tend to not only have blockages in their main arteries, but also in the smaller ones that supply blood to the heart. This is a condition called coronary cardiovascular disease. The symptoms may be more vague and not as apparent in women as they are in men. Women can also have symptoms while resting or even while asleep. Emotional stress can trigger heart attack symptoms in women. A woman’s risk for heart disease increases if she has diabetes, mental stress, depression, smokes, has gone through menopause, has had complications during a pregnancy, has inflammatory disease or is inactive. Women of all ages should take heart disease seriously and schedule a check up with a doctor to discuss their risk of heart health.

I can’t wait until we start to get back to normal with activities in The Farm. I know you all miss the use of the gym, bingo, painting etc. The gym is the biggest problem due to its size. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep social distancing in such a small area. I hope it will not be too much longer

Words of wisdom… 

Is it wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly? 

If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you will have trouble putting your pants on.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email

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