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Susan and I have spent the last two weeks in Branson, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee.

Branson is famous for all its theater shows. It certainly proved to be true. For you old timers, we saw the best ‘60s musical tribute, bar none.

We also had an enjoyable lake cruise with good food and a great show. Went to a couple more shows, and had plenty of restaurants to choose from.

If you are interested, it’s a little over a 1,000-mile mile trip by car.

You would have to spend a month to see all the shows.

What they do differently in Branson is, each theater puts on up to five different shows a week. There are wineries for you wine lovers. For younger folks, there are lots of activities here in the Ozarks such as zip lines, theme parks, kayaking, lake cruises, and more.

A great military museum is dedicated to WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

I wasn’t able to attend the Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting.

Thanks to Lowell Marquette for filling me in on the meeting.

There are five openings for the board of directors. The two incumbents running are Carole vanSickler and Norm Fay.

Two newcomers are also running, Richard Carlson and Shawn Sines.

The election is set for the November meeting.

Plantation Lakes is still waiting for a response from Santee Cooper on the street light issue. They feel past fees should have paid for the poles by now.

The long-awaited emergency room at the McLeod complex will open this month.

Saturday is the fall festival and Halloween parade. Don’t forget to wear your costume and come walk in the fall festival parade. Line-up starts at 1:30 p.m. on Wheatfield Drive, and kick off is at 2 p.m.

Immediately following the parade, there will be inflatables, games, crafts, pumpkin decorating, and Cards for Heroes to be sent to our active military.

Art in the Dark is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. You must RSVP to Dave Koss at 703-398-2526.

Danger: men beware. The activity committee is holding a women’s self-defense class. Les Blizzard will be the instructor, and it will be held at two separate times on Monday, Nov. 4.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to perform the self-defense skills with a partner.

You may also want to bring some water and a yoga mat.

RSVP to Christina Stanley at 423-322-3263 or email

News from The Farm Golf League: This week’s winners were the team of Joe Drago, George Karageanas, Jim Swierenga, and Paul Sapienza coming in at 7 under par.

Second place, also at 7 under par, was the team of Jerry O’Dell, Haden Fiddler, John Enzor, and Paul Hoppes.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to Till next time.


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