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Last weekend the Myrtle Beach Bowl invited The Farm residents for two hours of free bowling and free shoes. Christina Stanley put together a group, and 11 lanes were designated for The Farm.

I don’t know if any other communities were asked to attend. It may be a good idea for other communities in Carolina Forest to contact the bowling alley.

Thanks to Myrtle Beach Bowl for the invitation.

The Spring Golf League is completed and the winners were: first place, Jerry O'Dell; second place, Steve Filak; and third, John Kearsley.

The golfing will continue on Monday evening for anyone who wishes to play.

You may have noticed a film crew near the pond by the large pool. It was a wildlife rescue crew who had been requested by some homeowners to attempt to save a heron with a fishing hook and a balloon in its mouth.

Sorry to say they were unable to capture the heron, but took pictures to use for public service announcements.

Happy anniversary to me. I was looking through some old columns of mine and realized I had just recently completed my 10th year writing this column. I was the second community writer for the Chronicle.

Tony McDonald, from Plantation Lakes, was the first.

He asked me if I was interested in writing a column for The Farm. At first, I said “No,” and passed it on to another resident of The Farm.

She did it for a few weeks and then quit. I took it over and here I am, 10 years later. I hope I have gotten better at this, but I doubt it.

DR Horton has started some of the work related to turning The Farm over to the homeowners. I know we were told in the past this was going to happen. This time I believe it will.

They have started to do repairs we asked them to complete before turning the property over to the homeowners. Repairs to the sales center and pond 17 have begun.

Keep your fingers crossed. I will keep you up-to-date as the process continues.

The next Sip and Paint will be on Saturday, July 13. Anyone interested must RSVP to Dave Koss at 703-398-2526. Seating is limited.

The foundation for the new playground equipment has been poured and now the equipment must be set in place. It should be completed shortly.

Some sidewalk repairs were due to start on July 3.

Some changes are coming to Carolina Forest.

We have all seen the felling of trees along parts of Carolina Forest Boulevard. Most of the widening will take place along our side of the roadway. The planned completion is 2021.

DR Horton has started building homes across the street from The Farm.

New businesses are also coming to the area. Cyprus Grill, a Century 21 office, and Lapels Dry Cleaners are coming soon.

By the Lowes Food store, a building being constructed will house a J Peters Grill and Bar, Jersey Mikes Subs, and a new Horry Telephone Cooperative location.

At the other end of Carolina Forest Boulevard by the Famous Toastery, they are constructing a new Take Five Oil Change business.

I suggest you take a ride past the Sneaky Beagle Restaurant and take a look at the tiny homes being built there.

A few are roughed out and they certainly are tiny, some as small as 500 square feet. These are rentals.

I don’t know if the wife and I could handle being so close with no place to hide out.

I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to Till next time.


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