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This year the board decided to overseed the entrances. It has been a huge success. The ones at Wheatfield Drive and Farmers Rest Drive look beautiful. The downside, however, is it must be maintained all year.

More on the proposed hospital on International Drive: A meeting was held. The parties involved talked about placing the hospital midway between a county-owned nature preserve and the end of the tract closest to The Farm. Residents of The Farm have raised concerns about potential light and noise pollution stemming from a new hospital. DNR has opposed the project since October and their position has not changed.

Even if the project is approved and the land is rezoned, Conway Medical Center still faces a hurdle with another state agency, the Department of Health and Environmental Control. They are the agency that signs off on all medical facilities. This program is designed to control healthcare costs and prevent the duplication of services. This process could take months or years of delays.

I made a mistake in last week’s column. I gave information on how to replace your outdoor locks for free.

This only applied to the original homeowner of the property. 

You can also get new windows under certain circumstances. Again, this applies to original owners only and I am not sure if it expires after 10 years. If your windows get moisture between the panes of glass, they could be replaced for a shipping cost, which was $25 a few years back. Contact MI Windows and Doors at 650 West Market Street, PO Box 370, Gratz, PA 17030. web site is Phone number is 717-365-2500. I suggest you call first to see if there are any changes to what I have stated. I did this five years ago and had no problem. If it’s just the removable lower window, you can change them yourself. I needed a large window, which had to be installed. You can either hire your owner contractor or they will supply one.    

I have had a few friends receive their second COVID-19 shot. Susan and I are due this coming week. I know some people are reluctant to get the shots. That is a personal decision you have to make. I just saw where Kroger is offering their employees $100 to get the shots.

No decisions have been made about the opening of our pools or the amenity center. The board is closely watching the numbers.

I have been checking my speeds on my iPhone, iPad and desktop computer. I am consistently receiving over 400 mpbs and 32 ping.

If you are not getting these types of numbers, call Spectrum. You may need upgrades to your modem or router.

The activity committee meeting scheduled for this past week was canceled.

On the lighter side… 

My wife began to complain about my obsession with golf. I asked her if it was driving a wedge between us. 

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to ronaldtagliabue@ Till next time.


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