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The last HOA monthly meeting was held on June 4. Under new business, a few items were voted on. A UV light will be installed at the small pool. The large pool had one installed a few years ago. New mulch will be installed around the amenity center and a new bulletin board will be installed on Powder Mill. The exact location is to be determined. Repairs to sidewalks were approved. Under old business, it was reported the fungicide was sprayed under the activity center to kill the possibility of any foul odor returning. Pond 17 work has been completed. The lattice for the activity center has been purchased. The flower beds at the Mill Street entrance have had new top soil installed and the planting will take place soon. People have been complaining about our entrances, but we had to wait to see if the monuments had to be moved. We were originally told there was a very good possibility the monuments at the main entrance and Mill Street may have to be moved. The county would pay for the move. We now know they do not have to be relocated, so the planting can start.

The board has come up with some ideas about extending the pool hours. I will report on this when final changes have been made. The next HOA meeting is scheduled for July 15 at the amenity center. It will be a night meeting starting at 6:30 p.m.

This week, the grounds and activity committees held their monthly meetings. I will report on them next week. There was a neighborhood watch meeting scheduled for last week. The board decided a revamping of the watch was needed. For years, the board has wanted to implement a block watch to take the place of the neighborhood watch. A block watch would just have a captain for each block and they would be asked to recruit other residents on their block. No one would have to ride around the entire community. All you would have to do is step outside your home a few times a night and check your block. We are hoping to get this started soon.

A new reserve study has been authorized. Some board members and Misty Pace met with the company representative to show them around The Farm. They took measurements and inventory of our assets. They will now put it in writing, and at that time the board will meet with them to finalize their work. Rest assured our reserve fund is in very good shape.

Looks like we are in for a tax increase. All of us in the unincorporated areas of Horry County will be hit the hardest. They are estimating a $200,000 home will see an increase of about $100 a year. I personally don’t have a problem with that if it means a greater police presence for Carolina Forest.

On the lighter side…

Principal: “Your child causes trouble in school.”

Parent: “My child causes trouble at home. Do I ever call you?”

This morning my son told me his ear was hurting. I asked him inside or out. He walked outside and came in and said both. It’s moments like this that make me wonder if I’m saving too much for college.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email me at Till next time.


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