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The HOA board candidates are three incumbents and one newcomer. 

They are president Scott Kavana, treasurer Cici Ault, and at-large candidates Gregg Markey and Gloria Bennett. You all should have received your mailing from Waccamaw Management with a brief biography of the candidates. There is also a proxy to fill out and return. It is very important to fill this out and return it to assure a quorum is met and the meeting can take place as scheduled. If a quorum is not achieved, another meeting must be held.

The activity committee has scheduled a meeting for March 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the activity center. 

The grounds committee has changed the date for its March meeting. It was originally set for March 10 but has been changed to March 17 at 4 p.m. in the activity center. Again, the annual HOA meeting is scheduled for March 30.

You may have noticed our flags at half-staff. That was to show respect for the 500,000 people who died from COVID-19. I watch the daily COVID reports and have seen what we all hope are some positive signs. As of press time, reported daily cases in Horry County had been under 100 for days. I hope it gets even lower. My wife and I have finished our shots and are passed the 10-day period for the shot to be 97% effective. I really hope those of you who want the shots can get them ASAP.

I saw something I think may be of interest to some of you. My wife showed me a Dear Abby column that I found very informative. As a cat lover, myself, I almost daily see residents looking for their lost cat, so I know there are many cat lovers in the area. Did you know some flowers can be deadly to cats? Lilies, azaleas, daffodils, tulips and many others can harm your cat. I suggest you Google the question and see all the others. So beware of those floral displays you get for birthdays, etc.

I read where Horry County has chosen a site for the long-awaited Carolina Forest police station. The complex will not be just a police station. There will be other county offices and more. As of this writing, the county had chosen a site for the facility but was still negotiating with the property owner.

County officials recently discussed three potential sites. One was at the intersection of Carolina Forest Boulevard and River Oaks Drive. To me, that’s the worst. With a new shopping mall planned for the site along with the daily traffic, it seems to me to be a poor choice. A second site is near the StarTek building and the third is at the entrance near Berkshire on River Oaks Drive. I personally think the best is by StarTek. It’s off the beaten path and won’t interfere much with local traffic.

The building will also house courtrooms and provide space for the treasurer’s office and probate court. Looks like Carolina Forest is now getting some recognition.

Thoughts for this week… 

Do you know why men are seldom depressed? Here are a few reasons: Your last name stays the same. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. You can never get pregnant. Car mechanics tell you the truth.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to ronaldtagliabue Till next time.


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