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It has been 15 years since the first shovel hit the dirt to create the community called The Farm. In 2012, DR Horton turned the everyday operation of The Farm over to the homeowners.

He appointed five homeowners to the board of directors, but maintained his rights as the declarant. During the declarant phase, Horton was allowed to make changes to the CC&Rs pertaining to annexing property and any change to our documents.

On Aug. 1, he relinquished all his rights as declarant by sending the board a notice and filing it with the county.

Better late than never.

The following are some hurricane preparedness suggestions for the residents of The Farm, which was my missing column from the week before Hurricane Dorian struck. We are still in the worst part of hurricane season, so stay prepared.

A category 1 hurricane has winds between 74-95 mph hour, with minimal damage. Category 2 has winds 96 to 110 mph and power outages which could last several days. Category 3 has winds from 111 to 129 mph, and electricity and water can be unavailable for several days to weeks.

Category 4 has winds between 113 to 156 mph. Extreme damage and outages could last for weeks or months.

Category 5 has winds 157 mph and up with catastrophic damage.

If there is a necessity for evacuations, Horry County has designated mandatory evacuation zones.

There are three zones, A, B and C. The Farm is located outside the zones, but zone C is very close to The Farm. You will have to use your own judgment whether to evacuate.

If you do choose to evacuate, make sure you take important papers, medications, cash, and any valuables with you. Bring provisions for your pets.

Have an emergency plan well ahead of time about where you want to go, and make family members aware of your plans.

These are power points from the South Carolina 2019 Hurricane Protection Guide:

If you see a downed power line, do not touch it. Do not touch tree limbs or other objects touching the power line.

Do not attempt to tie generators into your house circuits. This can be dangerous to you, your neighbors, and linemen. Plug appliances directly into the generator.

Should the power go out while you are cooking, remember to shut the stove off and remove cookware from the stove.

Do not open refrigerators or freezers during an outage unless absolutely necessary.

Most importantly, if you smell gas, leave your home immediately.

Important contacts to keep in mind: South Carolina Emergency Management Division at

If you need to check on road closings, call the South Carolina Department of Transportation at 855-467-2368.

American Red Cross 1-866-438-4636.

FEMA at or

The Farm held its yard sale last Saturday. It was postponed a week due to Hurricane Dorian.

I took my ride around The Farm about 9:30 a.m. and spoke to some of the residents. I was told they had a good turnout earlier, but it had already slowed down.

The activity committee thanks the grounds committee for putting up the yard sale signs at the entrances.

Thanks to Paul Hoppes, Lowell Marquette, Ralph Cairl, Paul Sapienza, and Russ McPherson.

Years ago, I gave my definition of a yard sale in my column. I think it’s worth repeating. It starts with the wife usually going shopping and seeing a $5 item that looks nice.

She purchases the item, and when she returns home realizes it either doesn’t match her décor, or has no place to put it.

It is then placed away and only she knows where it is.

A few years later, while cleaning out her hiding places, she comes across the item. She decides to put it out at the yard sale and sells it for $1.

Now, here is where men and women differ in math: She feels like she just made $1. I think she lost $4. You be the judge.

Same scenario, except a man makes the purchase. He spends $5 and keeps it the rest of his life in the hope he will someday need it.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to Till next time.


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