Ron Tagliabue (NEW)

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, the activity committee held its monthly meeting. I welcome the new chairperson, Connie Gryb, who has been a member for many years and has taken over the reins.

Thank you to past chairperson Christina Stanley for her years as chairperson and her dedication to the committee.

The first topic of conversation was when they will be able to start the activities again. The board has not given a date as yet. The board is keeping things closed at least to December at which time it will be discussed again. All depends on the coronavirus numbers.

The activity committee decided to set up the new year schedule. All the old favorites will be returning, including bingo, sip and paint, happy hours, family pool nights and more. Other ideas mentioned were a CPR class, parent dance, women’s self-defense class, scavenger hunt, game nights, and maybe bus rides.

Debra Shovlin mentioned the food drive was very successful. The food was distributed to Catholic Charities, churches who help those in need, and local food banks. Debra thanks all the residents who donated food and also those who picked up the food.

Some of you may remember a number of years back when we had a covenants committee who would present the yard of the month. The activity committee may start this practice up again. It would be from April to September. It is not official as yet. I will keep you informed.

The grounds committee is looking at bids for a new fountain at the round-about. The one that was there was 15 years old and the cost to repair was not worth it. New mulch has been laid in the playground area. More mulch is being planned for other areas of The Farm.

Watch for No Parking signs in the parking lot at the amenity center. The parking lot will be totally redone. The existing asphalt will be removed and a new parking lot will be installed.

This may take a week or more to complete. Any cars in the way will have to be towed. A blast to the homeowners will be sent out prior to the start of the project.

Lately I have seen some talk on social media about removing the Carolina Forest monument at the corner of U.S. 501. There have been pro and con statements made.

I for one would hate to see it go. My understanding is the owners of the Kroger mall will take responsibility for the maintenance of the sign. I am sure we have all used that sign as directions for visiting guests. I think if maintained properly, I would like to see it stay.

Bear sightings: It seems we have a mama bear and two cubs roaming the area. I also think Dad is around. We have had a lone big bear in our yard on many occasions.

We would come out and see our bird bath knocked off its stand. It is heavy and a squirrel or even racoons would not be able to knock it over. I set up a night vision camera and saw the culprit. We now leave it on the ground. Too heavy for us to keep picking up and maybe with no water he will look elsewhere.

The mama and cubs have been seen in the Mill Street area the most. The lone bear seems to have a different route. Just be careful.

The other evening when it was still light out, my neighbor told me there was a bear in the yard. We went outside and he was now in my other neighbor’s yard. He was no more than 15 yards away from us and he just turned his head, looked at us, and moseyed on down through the other backyards.

Six at home bear basics: Never feed or approach bears. Secure food, garbage and recycling. Remove bird feeders. Never leave pet food outdoors. Clean and store grills. Alert neighbors to bear activity.

You can learn more about bears by going to

Till next time.


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