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A new elliptical machine has been added to the workout room. We only had one and there were many residents wanting to use it. The room is about filled to capacity.

Most of your board members went to a seminar hosted by Waccamaw Management. At this seminar, there were speakers from insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, A & I Fire and Water Restoration, and Waccamaw Management on hand to discuss issues that many HOAs have in common.

One of the most important items is how homeowners should be notified of changes to any documents. Under the new law, a notice can be sent via email blasts. This makes it very important that all homeowners register with The Farm’s official website, which is

This past week another seminar was held with a different format. I will report on that next week.

We are all hoping the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard will be starting on time. The latest date I heard was June 17.

The Farm will be getting a traffic light by our main entrance, Farmers Rest Drive. It will line up with the new development's entrance across the road from us.

The contract for the widening is set for a 700-day completion date. There is a $5,000 per day penalty if the contractor does not have it completed on time.

Rain days have been built into this estimate. Much of the work will be completed in the evenings. Lane closures, when necessary, will be from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m.

Our pools had a busy Memorial Day weekend. Security is now on full time for the summer. Please make yourself aware of the pool rules. They are posted and the guard has a copy of them at his station.

The Farm ATV was out of service a few days for repairs. Thanks to Paul Hoppes and Mr. Young for doing the needed repairs.

Three new pieces of playground equipment have been ordered. They are geared toward children 3 to 5 years of age. They will be installed by our grounds committee.

June 8 is The Farm’s pool party from 6-10 p.m. Brazuka Bowls and Six in a Nest will both be on site serving food for the event.

Mr. Softee will be there for the full four hours.

The activity committee has games planned for the evening, including hula hoops, corn hole, golf, jousting, and blaster ball.

Aqua fitness started on June 6 and will continue on June 13 and 20 at the main pool. RSVP to Debra Shovlin at 607-240-9845 for all June dates.

The activity committee chairperson, Christina Stanley, has informed me they will be setting their schedule for the rest of the year at this week’s meeting. I will report on this next week. Look at the activity website page for more information.

If you were wondering why all the flags in The Farm were at half mast, it was a presidential proclamation to honor the victims of the tragedy in Virginia Beach.

Last week’s Monday Night Golf results are: first place, Jerry O'Dell, Ed Whitaker and Brian Pugsley coming in at 8 under par.

Second place at 7 under par was the team of Mark Sutton, Keith Jordan and Paul Hoppes.

There were three meetings last week that I will report on next week. They are the grounds and activity committee meetings and another seminar for board members.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to

Till next time.


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