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For the first time, a women’s self-defense class was held in The Farm. The class was conducted by The Farm resident Les Blizzard, a certified black belt in art of Kenpo Karate. He was assisted by resident Dan Lind.

Mr. Les practiced his art for over 28 years, retiring in 2015. He taught professionally for 23 years, five days a week for two hours each night.

He had the largest martial arts organization in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

He is certified to teach women's self-defense classes and has taught this class all over Anne Arundel County, Maryland in compounds such as Fort Dietrick and Fort Meade, Maryland.

Mr. Les feels his greatest achievement is watching his students grow.

The class showed a safe and workable method of self-defense karate responses against a single assailant, and is not intended to be a karate instructional class.

Attacks against women are on an increase all over the world. All women need to understand and develop a way to defend themselves.

Karate is a martial art developed by people who were prohibited the use of weapons, thus making it a defensive art.

Mr. Les started the class with a discussion of what to watch out for when you are alone: know your area, be alert to anything that does not feel right, go with your intuition and avoid any possible areas that may seem dangerous.

He explained the weapons you have available, such as the heel of your shoe, an umbrella, sharp key or comb, and of course if you are carrying pepper spray.

He then went on to discuss the points of an assailant you should be aiming at.

Never drop to the ground voluntarily. Remember your first strike may be your greatest opportunity for survival.

Here are some tips for prevention: Look around as you walk to your car.

Look on the outside and inside of your vehicle before entering.

Whenever possible, don’t travel alone.

Lock your vehicle and roll up the windows whenever you are in your vehicle.

Travel a well-lit route.

Let someone know your plans and estimated time of arrival.

Don't open your vehicle door or windows to strangers.

Always park in a well-lit area.

If a carjacker demands your keys, give them to him. Try to make note of the carjackers description and get away route.

This is just a little of what was taught. Mr. Les paired off the ladies in twosomes and then proceeded to show them defensive moves they should practice at home.

The activity committee is thinking about holding another class or two in the near future. Watch The Farm’s website and this column for further information.

The Farm’s HOA board and Waccamaw Management Company have completed the 2020 annual budget for The Farm. As a board member, I am proud to say there will not be a dues increase for The Farm in 2020.

This will be the 10th year without an increase or a special assessment. As a matter of fact, we actually reduced our dues by $3 a few years back and have not felt the need to add the money back into the dues.

The Orchards and Planters Point have separate boards, and I do not know if they will have an increase or not. The Farm portion of their dues has not been raised. You may have already received your copy of the 2020 budget in the mail.

Bingo was held on Saturday, Nov. 16 in the amenity center. Thirty residents were on hand an enjoyed the evening with prizes awarded to the winners.

Thanks, Connie Gryb, for organizing the event. Thanks also to Debra Shovlin, Georgie and Dave Koss, Joeanne and Jen Internicola, Tyler Gryb, and Steve and Marlene Filak for their help.

The Farm Book Club will meet on Friday, Dec. 13 at 10:30 a.m. The book being discussed is “Above Suspicion” by Linda LaPlante. New members are always welcome.

The Farm’s Christmas parade will be held on Sunday, Dec. 15 with the line-up starting at 1:30 p.m. on Wheatfield Drive, and the parade starting at 2.

Residents are asked to line the streets from Wheatfield Drive to the clubhouse to watch the parade.

I want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be enjoying the day with friends and one of the best cooks in our community. I'm not mentioning her name, I don’t want to lose my seat at the table.

I am always looking for items of interest.

Email to

Till next time.


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