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Last Saturday was The Farm's yard sale. I took my usual ride around the community around 9 a.m. The main road, Carolina Farms Boulevard, had plenty of traffic. The side streets, not so much.

If you live on a side street and are having a yard sale, I suggest you put a sign at the corner to let shoppers know there are houses on your block having yard sales.

As usual, many of the communities in Carolina Forest held their yard sales on the same day. There have been efforts to try to coordinate these events to not be on the same day, but those efforts have failed in the past.

I hope you signed up for the Pig Roast and Kentucky Derby Day event. This is a first for The Farm. Christina Stanley and her committee will provide the pig and soft drinks. They ask that you bring a side dish of cole slaw, beans or pasta. The event starts at 5 and ends at 8 p.m.

Good news for residents who use our workout room: A second elliptical machine has been asked for by the grounds committee, and approved by the board. No delivery date is known at the moment.

The grounds committee also installed a wooden border on the inside of the playground. This will help in keeping the mulch in the playground area and not the pool.

Thanks go out to Paul Hoppes, Brian Pugsley, Scott Kavana, Tom Connelly, John Schulgen, Lowell Marquette, Rich McAndrew, and George Bleicher.

As I previously reported, the playground installation is complete. The new drainage system has been installed. Last week the wiring for the cameras should have been completed and the much installed.

In the April 19 edition of the Chronicle, the Readers’ Choice Awards were presented. I always like to pick out the ones closest to us for special recognition.

Brother Shuckers took two awards, best dinner and best seafood restaurant.

Best karaoke went to Tavern in the Forest; best day spa was Forest Salon and Spa.

Best pharmacy was Carolina Forest Pharmacy; best storage, Plantation Storage; and best computer repair was True Blue.

A few weeks ago I missed the opportunity to thank our Vietnam veterans for their sacrifice and service to our country.

I wanted to tell you all about my home state of New Jersey. In New Jersey there is a Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial dedicated on May 7, 1995.

It is dedicated to those New Jersey veterans who did not return home. It is located in Holmdel at exit 116 off the Garden State Parkway. There is a wall there, like the one in Washington DC with the names of all the fallen soldiers from New Jersey.

There are 1,562 men and one woman. Every day they send out a photo and biography dedicated to the men who died on that day, so many years ago.

I personally read every one of their stories in remembrance of them. I realize how lucky I was not to have served in Vietnam.

Even though I did not serve in Vietnam, I feel a special attachment to these heroes because they were all born around the same year I was. I got to live out my life, have kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and they didn't.

So far, I haven’t seen the name of anyone I knew. If you are a New Jersey veteran, go to and join.

I am always looking for items of interest. Email to

Till next time.


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