Ettie Newlands

It’s silly, corny even, but Sara Hudson’s “Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh” posted on Facebook made me laugh in a half-groan sort of way. So, I’m sharing.

His dizzy aunt – Verti Gogh

The brother in a hurry – Gotta Gogh

The brother who worked in a convenience store – Stop N Gogh

His grandfather from Yugoslavia – U Gogh

His magician uncle – Where Diddy-Gogh

His Mexican cousin – A Mee Gogh

The nephew who drove a stage coach – Wells Far-Gogh

The ballroom dancing aunt – Tang Gogh

The bird-loving uncle – Flamin Gogh

The positive thinking aunt – Way-to-Gogh

The bouncy little nephew – Poe Gogh

The sister who loved disco – Go Gogh

The brother with low back pain – Lum Bay Gogh

The niece who travels in an RV – Winnie Bay Gogh

Hey, I warned you that it was corny.


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