Ettie Newlands

When people consider marriage, they should be sure they agree on religion, politics, and movies.

We “discuss” choosing a movie to watch from the On Demand options more than we discussed naming our kids.

More often than not, the “discussion” ends with him watching a game and me reading a book.

Thing is, if I’m going to watch a movie, it’s going to be a drama/mystery.

Something to get engrossed in, and think about.

Something to talk about when it’s over.

He, on the other hand, likes chick flicks. I’m talking the boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, chick flicks.

Nothing to think about, and therefore, nothing to talk about.

And it’s not the movies that actually bother me. What bothers me is that my husband likes them.

His feminine side annoys me.

But, my daughter came to the rescue and explained the whole chick flick thing to me.

She can do that, because she actually is her father in a dress. Oh wait…not a graphic I need.

She explained what the difference is between a drama/mystery and a chick flick, and this is what she told me:

Watching a drama/mystery is akin to getting dressed, going to a nice restaurant, perusing the menu, and having a nice leisurely dinner with stimulating conversation.

Watching a chick flick, she says, is like eating a piece of pizza out of the box.

You don’t want to have to think about the movie, and you certainly don’t want to have to talk about it when it’s over.

The chick flick, my daughter tells me, is intended to relax my husband and give him absolutely nothing to think about.

Of course, while he’s having his Zen moments, I’m asking, “Can you believe that? Would you have done that? Why do you think he did that?”

And he’s looking at me blankly because even before the credits – which I read in detail - are over, he’s completely forgotten the movie, and has no clue what I’m talking about.

I still don’t like it, but at least now I get it.


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