Ettie Newlands

A Canadian woman who lost her wedding ring 13 years ago is once again wearing it.

The 84-year-old’s daughter-in-law found it wrapped around a carrot in what was once the woman’s garden.

That garden now belongs to the woman’s son and daughter-in-law who live on the property.

In what sounds like an episode from “Everyone Loves Raymond,” the woman, Mary Grams, never told her fiancé she lost the ring. She only told her son.

She bought a less expensive replacement, and unlike in the Raymond episode, her future husband never knew she’d lost the real ring.

The woman’s daughter-in-law wanted carrots with dinner one recent night, and when she went to the garden to pull some, she pulled one up that had the engagement ring wrapped around it.

Grams now regrets not telling her husband, who died five years ago, that she lost the ring. She says she was afraid at the time that he’d “give her heck or something.”

Gram’s husband-to-be, Norman, gave her the ring in 1951, and she’d worn it more than 50 years when she lost it.

She says she’d cried for days, and searched for weeks.

The couple had been married a little more than 60 years when Norman died.

The octogenarian couldn’t remember if the engagement ring had originally belonged to her mother or her husband’s mother.

But that, coupled with the fact that it was a gift from her husband, made the loss devastating.

Some people are saying it was a God-thing that she found the ring, a gift to her in her very old age. A prayer, answered 13 years later.

Others are saying it was just dumb luck that her daughter-in-law had a craving for carrots.

But so far, nobody’s asked her how many carrots…I mean carats…the ring is.


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