Ettie Newlands

Two of my nieces don’t let me forget that I asked them the difference between voice mail and email.

Now, understandably, this was about 25 years ago when I had an answering machine and was about to get my first computer.

So, technology is not my strong point. Actually, it’s been mentioned that winding an alarm clock is beyond my expertise.

See, technology is a left brain thing. And like some people have two left feet, I have two right brains.

But, that’s all changed now, and I may be well on my way to being a tech support gal.

After I take pictures with my little point and shoot camera, I plug one end of a doohickey into the camera and the other end into the computer.

Then I wait, and magically, the pictures go from my camera to my computer. If Saturn aligns perfectly with Jupiter, I can find them again. Then I email them to grownups who make them look pretty near stories I write.

Today, however, when I did the doohickey thing, the little gremlin in my computer said my memory card was locked.

There really is such a thing as cold sweats.

I did the ‘shut the camera off and put it back on’ thing which didn’t work. I took the memory card out and put it back in. Nothing. I unplugged and replugged the doohickey at both ends. Nothing.

Memory card is locked. Can’t email pictures. Stories won’t look pretty. I’ll be fired. I’ll have no money. I’ll be homeless. I’ll die of heatstroke.

I had to unlock my memory card. But first I had to figure out what my memory card is.

I knew enough to Google ‘memory card’ and a picture I recognized came up.

Ah, the memory card is that thingamajig next to the whosawhatsit that I have to put in that little square thing until the light turns green.

Viola! Google worked once, it can work again. I Googled ‘How to unlock my camera’s memory card’ and a UTube came up. (I know what a Utube is because my grandson told me when he was 7.)

A funny little man with a camera that looked like mine seemed to have the same problem.

He said to take the memory card out, which I did.

He said there should be a tiny lever on the side, which there was.

He said if it was up, put it down, and if it was down, put it up, which I did.

He said that should unlock the memory card, which by golly, it did.

As I said, I may be on my way to being a tech support gal. My nieces can no longer roll their eyes at each other. And I will not die of heat stroke.


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