Betsy Fay

I just got back from the Covington Lake pool grand opening. The first part of the evening it was pouring, but it finally stopped so we could grill the hotdogs and enjoy the rest of the snacks and desserts.

Only about 50 homeowners attended due to the weather, but it was still a nice party and I hope with the new pool more get togethers will b e on the horizon. Thank you to the board for providing the food, and to Stan Lotts for the music.

The next party will be National Night Out, which is Aug. 6, the first Tuesday of the month. We have a commitment from the police and fire departments to attend and they will bring lots of their equipment for the children to enjoy.

It will be a pot luck dinner with the board providing hot dogs and beverages, and homeowners providing their favorite side dish. It was yummy two years ago. I can’t wait.

Now that the pool project is complete, the board is looking at the next projects to be done.

They are also looking at making us a Firewise community, as we can then apply for grants to do community projects. One of the things that Firewise requires is for homeowners to not use pine needles for mulching. It is very flammable and increases the risk of damage to homes near it.

I welcome Barbara Horn, who has moved into a house on Stonemason Drive, and the Maddox family, who will be moving into a new house on Clandon Drive once it is completed.

This weekend is Beautify Carolina Forest litter weekend. If you wish to help, meet at the recreation center parking lot at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

We are short some pickers for some areas, so extra help would be appreciated. Only takes about 1 ½ hours of your time.

Glad to see the rain, as the medians that we planted a couple of months ago really needed a good drenching.

Carolina Forest Library will be starting its Summer Quest program on June 17. There are all kinds of activities for all ages during the summer program. Drop by and get a calendar and go to to sign your child up for summer reading and prizes.

The Nook used book store at the library continues to be busy and received lots of donations. This past week, we got a huge donation of Star Trek books for you “trekkies.” Also, got a batch of DVDs with lots of WWF movies and more children’s books.

The Carolina Forest Boulevard widening is due to start on June 17. A recent article about the widening talked about the presentation by David Schwerd at the Civic Association meeting and asked some questions about why there are medians in the new roadway.

There were many public meetings after the money was voted for this project, and people living here didn’t want it to just be five lanes of asphalt. So, the medians were added to keep the neighborhood feeling.

The Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers have been asked to help plant them and maintain them. I can say as the president of this organization that we will be looking for help from HOAs and homeowners to help maintain them once they are planted.

The project has 700 days to be completed. The county will work on the Postal Way extension and widening at the same time, along with the building of the frontage road on the west side of U.S. 501 from Walgreens to Singleton Ridge Road.

This will allow locals to do their shopping without getting onto 501. We will all need to be a little more patient, and slow down over the next two years as the work is being done.

The other project that is in the news this week is the possible extension of Revolutionary Way to a ramp to S.C. 31. This would be a huge benefit to all of us. It would mean that you could avoid 501 and River Oaks Drive and go directly onto 31. Less traffic would be traveling the whole length of Carolina Forest Boulevard.

It would also be a good hurricane exit to get to S.C. 22 and move away from the shore area.

Hopefully, the county will find money to do this project in the near future.

Happy birthday to Marah Wildt June 17, Benjamin Lindner June 16 and Kevin Korley June 20. Happy anniversary to Judy and Chuck Johns June 16.

Look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood. Email me at


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