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As I write my column this week, I’m in Ormond Beach, which is north of Daytona Beach in Florida. Norm and I came down for a weekend break as Norm is playing in a two-day golf tournament.

As I mentioned last week, as of April 1, Waccamaw Management will be the management company for Covington Lake. Since they have an office in Carolina Forest, they will be easier to deal with and have some nice features for homeowners like a site where you can see all about your lot (when dues are due, any fees and any ARC requests). We have had Premier for most of Covington’s existence so the board decided to try someone new. 

As many of you have noticed, AGGI staff was trimming all the trees and shrubs within 10 feet of the lakes. They will leave that area about 5 inches high but take down trees and shrubs that tend to fall into the lakes and leave debris on the bottom of the lakes. Leaving the 5 inches of plant life allows the roots to stay intact and keep the erosion down. This will be done once a year for now. The board would like homeowners to leave the last 10 feet of ground around the lakes at a higher level to keep the lakes from eroding and also keep all the fertilizers out of the lakes. 

Remember that our community yard sale is March 27 from 8 a.m. until noon. Signage will be put out the Sunday before on Carolina Forest Boulevard and I will place ads on several sites. Goodwill will be available from 12-2 p.m. at the pool parking lot to take leftover donations. I am accepting books to sell to benefit the Carolina Forest Library. If you have books or puzzles to donate, drop them off at my house anytime (2419 Covington Drive). If homeowners participating in the sale wish to purchase books before the sale, let me know and we can set a time for you to look. 

We, like other neighborhoods in Carolina Forest, seem to constantly have issues with the USPS, UPS and FedEx with mail being delivered to the wrong place. Not sure why this happens and what can be done about it. If I see packages on neighbor’s porches when they aren’t home, I tend to bring it to my house to keep it from disappearing and bringing it to them when they get home. All my neighbors appreciate this, I think. I asked the post office worker why they don’t stay open longer (especially on Saturday). He said that they won’t give them any more help and that many of them are working 11-hour days. Maybe that is why they are losing business to UPS and FedEx. 

Don’t forget that the Friends of Carolina Forest Library are sponsoring two $1,000 scholarships for high school seniors who live in Carolina Forest. Applications are available at library and on school websites and are due by April 3. 

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers were sad to see that someone ran into the crepe myrtles on the median by Covington Lake. Some damage was done to some trunks but I hope the trees will survive the injury. The two medians by Plantation Lakes are being designed with plants and trees by Mr. Forman and Mr. Galante. They hope to have them planted with the help of the county’s tree mitigation fund. I hope other HOAs or individuals will plant some of the other new medians along Carolina Forest Boulevard. The volunteers in this group will be working on the medians that they have already planted in the coming months.

This weekend is litter weekend for Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers. We meet right at 8 a.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center parking lot to give out assignments and supplies.

We welcome individuals who also want to do the same area each month versus just picking when you want to pick. 

I hope more of my readers are getting their vaccinations for COVID-19 so we can start to get back to normal. With three vaccines, I hope more people will be able to get the shots or shot in the near future. The thought now is that by the end of May all adults who want the vaccine will be able to receive it. 

I didn’t bring my birthday and anniversary list on this trip, so I will update next week. Happy birthday and happy anniversary. 

Look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood. Email me at


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