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I hope no one has any major damage from the wind/rain storm last weekend. If you still lived up north, it would have been a nor’easter, but here, they call it a cyclone storm.

The pool will close on Monday, Oct. 28 for the season and reopen in April. Codes will no longer work during the off season.

Deb Harris is going to have a planning meeting for the Dec. 7 Christmas party on Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. at her house on Ellsworth Drive.

Last year, the party was at her house, but this year she hopes to move it to the pool area and parking lot.

The people who participated last year had a great time, which included Christmas karaoke with Stan Lotts.

Those of you who keep asking for more social events, here is your chance to help.

The fountains are now on the winter schedule. I think it is 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Someone asked on Facebook about adding water to the lakes as they are very low. The only way to add water is for it to rain. I heard we are minus nine inches for rain this year. There is a dam that can be removed to lower the water level in the case of hurricanes, but it doesn’t work the opposite way.

For newcomers in our neighborhood, Halloween numbers are tricky. If you live near Carolina Forest Boulevard, you might have 100 children, but as you get further back in the neighborhood, you might only get 40 children. We are in the middle and we usually get 40-50 children.

If you plan to participate, make sure your porch lights are on.

Horry County Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring a 5K run on Saturday on the new walking path behind the Carolina Forest Library.

There is a $25 registration which will be $30 on the day of the race. All registered participants get a Halloween T-shirt and medal at completion. There are no prizes for the race itself, but there will be prizes for best costume in several categories.

There will also be a Trunk or Treat for children at no cost. You can see the information at

The walking path is easy to access if you just want a three-mile walk with your dog. They don’t suggest you do it at night, as it is not lit.

I attended a seminar by Tidelands Health at the library last Friday. A sports medicine doctor was talking about joint, especially knee, issues.

Dr. Darwin said that for every one pound of weight you lose, you take four pounds of weight off your knees.

He said the most important thing to do for arthritis is to keep active. He suggested walking, swimming and light weights, but to avoid activities that seem to aggravate the situation.

Tidelands offers these seminars once a month and includes a nice lunch. The next one is in November and you can sign up for it at the library.

November is election month for the Carolina Forest Civic Association. There are five positions up for election with two incumbents and two newcomers running so far.

If you’d like to help the civic association in a board position, visit for information.

This past week, the meeting had a presentation from the Parks and Open Space board.

Our county is 800,000 acres with 70,000 in open space that can never be built on. All around us at the International end of Carolina Forest are all kinds of preserves including International Drive to S.C. 90. Councilmen Howard and Hardee were present and both said that the recreation building will not be closing down while they are in office, which had been rumored.

There is talk about privatizing park and recreation, but I don’t think that is the solution.

Most people at the meeting would rather see a small increase in millage to pay for this, but overall in the county, people don’t want an increase.

The millage rate did go down this year as the assessments on properties increased, so overall tax bills went up.

The county just OK’d a grant to fund 30 more firemen for the county. They will have to pick up the entire cost three years from now.

Did you know that the fire station on International Drive is a volunteer- run firehouse? The one on Carolina Forest Boulevard is a paid station.

The next bag of books sale is Nov. 19.

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers will continue to do median maintenance in the coming month. This includes planting replacement crepe myrtles on River Oaks Drive medians, trimming live oaks on Carolina Forest Boulevard and getting rid of Bradford pears on medians that aren’t surviving where they were planted.

SC Palmetto Pride has provided a grant for new litter bugs signs that were installed in Carolina Forest this past week.

We will be looking for volunteers on Nov. 11 for mulch-spreading on River Oaks Drive and Carolina Forest Boulevard.

Thank you to the students of Ocean Bay Middle School who picked trash at their school and neighboring schools several weeks ago. We hope they will be future Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers.

Work continues on the widening project. There may be more night lane closures as the sewer system is installed.

Look forward to hearing the news and events of our neighborhood.

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