Betsy Fay

Well, summer is finally here and we finally are getting some summer afternoon rains which have helped to perk up our lawn and flower/vegetable beds. It was very dry here for awhile, which is unusual for here. Our vegetable garden is producing lots of green beans, peppers and radishes with tomatoes close behind.

As the homeowners on the ponds have noticed, the fountains are getting fixed and replaced this past week. I know everyone is so happy to see them working again. I just hope we can just keep the fishing lines from getting caught up in the motors and burning them out.

Still no word on the pool situation. All parties are working with Waccamaw Management to come to a solution for the drain issue.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Ryan Dingle. He lived on Covington Drive. My thoughts are with his family.

I heard that children were swimming in the ponds. This is not allowed and is a real safety issue. We have snapping turtles, we have had an alligator in the past and the water is runoff so it is full of fertilizer and chemicals. Our covenants do not allow anyone in the ponds or any boats or kayaks as a safety measure. Fishing should be catch and release for the same reasons.

Last Saturday was litter picking day for Beautify Carolina Forest. We are very short on volunteers due to vacations, etc., and only one person came out to help last weekend. I wish more people would take pride in their community and come out to help us once a month. We collect over 150 bags of trash each month from 25 miles of roads. We pick the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month and you can contact us at

Thank you again to John Wills and John Lopez from Covington Lake who pick the area from Covington Lake to Gateway every month. All of our regular volunteers are greatly appreciated for their time and effort in keeping Carolina Forest beautiful.

The work on Carolina Forest Boulevard is moving along and I just heard that in July the county will start to work on the Postal Way extension. Developers are trying to get a zoning change for land along Postal Way to build more townhouses. Mr. Howard and Mr. DiSabato oppose the change but several other councilmen in Carolina Forest (Mr. Vaught and Mr. Hardee) have voted to approve it. I guess they haven’t been on Postal Way when the school buses are backed up from Carolina Forest Boulevard to the train tracks or you can’t get out of the Kroger plaza as Renee is all backed up. I think we need to wait until the infrastructure is there to support all the traffic.

The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library will be having their first post pandemic bag of books sale on June 18 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Hope to see you there.

As a member of the scholarship committee along with our president, Marian Parrotta, I would like to announce the winners of the Friends of Carolina Forest Library’s high school scholarships. We were originally going to have two $1,000 scholarships, but due to lack of expenses during the pandemic, we decided to give out five scholarships. The winners are Emma Dunn (CFHS), Kennedy Kimball (Academy of the Arts, Science and Technology), Jack Fleming (Conway Christian School) and Fallon Tomlin and Ryley Bethle (Scholars Academy). All of these seniors live in the Carolina Forest area and will be attending college in the fall. Fallon Tomlin lives here in Covington Lake. Congratulations to all of these well deserving students and good luck with their future endeavors.

The Carolina Forest Library is starting its summer programs on June 21 with children’s sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 am. It will be the same program on all three days each week in hopes that different children will be able to attend one session and keep the groups smaller. Adult activities will start in the fall. Meeting rooms are now available to group meetings and masks are optional.

Tai Chi is meeting in the library on the first and third Tuesday at 10 a.m. There is no instructor, so more for people who already know Tai Chi.

Starting on June 24 at 3 p.m., there will be a canvas painting class for ages 15 and over. It will be once a month and the first one will be a giraffe canvas. Registration is required and seating is limited.

Happy birthday to Kevin Korley (June 20), MaryAnn Kinnelly and John Lopez (June 22) and Ron Murphy (June 23).

Just a reminder: If you want to hear the community news about Covington Lake, you need to sign up for TownSquare where you will receive an update on things going on in our neighborhood. Facebook is more for social events.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there. I miss mine every day since he passed more than three years ago.

Look forward to announcing any events or news in the neighborhood. Email me at


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